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Marbi Z
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  • Good, then.

    In the end both Gardevoir and Lopunny got a Mega pretty quickly.

    Do you prefer Mega Lopunny over Lopunny?
    Hahaha hey!

    To sum it up, college really. I have myself spread sooooo thin that making Wi-Fi tourney threads would just end up being neglected by me. But you know, I was thinking about it as well, and kind of missed having a place where we could all talk about it. Might just do a simple page for the next upcoming tourney, without any of the "Register as SPPF's Representative" part like I used to. Or I might who knows hahaha.

    The lack of conversation lately has also been kind of a damper on putting the effort into those threads, coupled by the mod's slowness of putting up the actual thread.

    As for the Eevee Tourney yeah I did! I mostly did it for the laughs, only getting in 5 battles and going 2-3. xD BUt I had the same problem as you, yeah. It was weird, but I guess there's a chink in their wi-Fi, at least for this tourney. xD
    Omg lol I saw your sig in a random thread and I don't think I know anyone else that likes Gardevoir! :D Just thought I would pop in and say you're awesome xD
    Hey Ian

    Just wanted to let you know I caught three shinies in your Friend Safari! Two Dusclops and a Phantump!

    My friend wants to use your safari, would you add him? His name is Tom and his code is 5172-1445-0178.
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