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Marbi Z
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  • Do you mean Nationals?

    Yeah, Serebii really dropped the ball in terms of VGC, which is weird since it's such a trafficked site. You'd think that, to promote Pokemon, they would have more news on the official Play! Pokemon circuit. But if you want some news on VGC stuff, I def suggest checking the official Pokemon site's Play! Pokemon section, as well as Nugget Bridge. :D

    Both sites are always up-to-date and pretty thorough, and Nugget Bridge is a great resource for Double Battlers. :)
    Hey! So the International Challenge is over, rankings are out, and I finally have time to go ahead and work on this. So, what I need is for you to go ahead and check the Post-Tournament Thread and let me know
    1. If your team is correct.
    2. Your Win/Loss Ratio
    3. Your Final Score
    4. Your Ranking

    Thanks for your help! Trying to finish this up before the next tournament. Thanks!
    Actually, with this team, I've been doing worse than I was in the Winter Battle. XD I'm pretty sure there's going to be at least one more tourney before X and Y come out, so I'm thinking I might try out a Trick Room or Sunny Day team. I've noticed that both are surprisingly rare, since the majority is either goodstuffs or Rain Dance, so they're viable options for me to try and actually do well in the metagame. XD
    Ah, I see. That is basically the sort of team I use. Last tournament I used a Hail team, and that was only to fit in with the fact that it was called the "Winter" Battle. This tourney, I'm using Forretress, Liepard, Roserade, Altaria, Cofagrigus, and Conkeldurr. The only one of those that I've seen with any frequency is Conkeldurr, although I've seen Liepard and Altaria once or twice. Everything else is virtually non-existent in the metagame (which I find somewhat odd, because Cofagrigus is INCREDIBLY handy if you can figure out how to use it).
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