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Recent content by Marbi Z

  1. Marbi Z

    Next Pokemon Main "Core" Game guess

    For Gen 9 I’d like to see something akin to choosing a side of a major Philosophy EG: Pokemon REBEL and Pokemon LOYAL. Each game has a story line where you battle for the side based on the game for example Pokémon REBEL has you fighting against the current government structure and traditions in...
  2. Marbi Z

    A 90’s Pokemon Player Wakes up in Today’s World

    Might as well give them a Pokémon Mask. I have one with the 3 original starters on it.
  3. Marbi Z

    A 90’s Pokemon Player Wakes up in Today’s World

    Imagine a Diehard Pokémon Fan from the 90’s who just recently Completed Pokémon Red/Blue and saw Pokémon The First Movie. A terrible accident leaves him in a 20+ year coma. He finally wakes up and doesn’t initially perceive the time passed. How would he react to how Pokémon is today? Does he...
  4. Marbi Z

    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    All Fully Evolved Starter Pokes are now at least 6 ft or taller as fully evolved starters they need to be able to carry and cover even a full grown adult with no trouble at all.
  5. Marbi Z

    Ranked Battle Series 6's Banlist - Discussion Thread

    Initially I was ticked off that My new Favorite Pokémon Cinderace was on the Ban List for the next 2 months but then I remember how I was disenchanted by competitive battling due to only seeing a handful of Poke’s on the top teams and VGC series. While I still might play ranked a bit without my...
  6. Marbi Z

    Should the Main Series Games ever feature an NPC with a full team of Lv. 100 Pokémon?

    Imagine if they took a page out of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and not only gave him a LV 100 team but also Perfect IV’s/EV’s and Known Competitive movesets and items at that time.
  7. Marbi Z

    Should the Main Series Games ever feature an NPC with a full team of Lv. 100 Pokémon?

    Imagine a bonus post game battle against an NPC with a full team of 6 level 100 Pokémon would that make for a truly epic Post Game Ultimate Test? If so who should this truly powerful NPC be? I’d say make it the Legendary Trainer Red but what do you think?
  8. Marbi Z

    The Isle of Armor & The Crown Tundra DLC - GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread

    The Isle is much bigger than expected but can still be fully explored in one sitting I assume that won't be the case for Crown Tundra also the first Pokemon I encountered upon arrival was none other than Buneary so yeah! Rubber Stamp 10/10 for me :D
  9. Marbi Z

    Things that grind your gears!

    Well for me it's getting to be quite difficult to understand some of these new hidden abilities. Also Why can't there be more options for online modes?
  10. Marbi Z

    Would Future PMD Games benefit from Voice Acting?

    Or even 3-4 player co-op
  11. Marbi Z

    How would the Pokémon World deal with a Mutated version of Pokerus that Weakens Humans?

    Imagine a mutated version of the Pokerus that has the same benefits to Pokémon but also makes us humans sick and in some cases very sick or even kills in a worst case scenario. How would the Pokémon World deal with it? How would Trainers feel? Which regions would be most impacted economically...
  12. Marbi Z

    Evolution: PMD DX

    I just Evolved my partner and at the very least they lose there team Scarfs. So far I only saw a happy face but I assume there are at least 3 as was mentioned before.
  13. Marbi Z

    Detective Pikachu Movie Discussion Thread

    After re-watching it I think it's safe to say that the Movie's villain is a big fan of the Mystery Dungeon Games.
  14. Marbi Z

    Best and Worst Pokémon To Sleep With

    That depends if Darkrai's ability is voluntary or involuntary.
  15. Marbi Z

    Best and Worst Pokémon To Sleep With

    What Pokémon do you think you could easily or not so easily fall asleep with or on? Would some suffice better in the summer or winter? Could some even help you fall asleep? Discuss.