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  • "Should former FB members return they can choose which RPG in which they would like to keep their existing member account, but cannot take it to both." - Serebii side rules.
    I'm here, therefore I cannot post there. What I initially banked on was that you might be one of those "in-flux" members who existed on both forums simultaneously before finally deciding to stay at a place, but I guess now we know you're not.

    Tough luck then, though I applaud you for trying anyway. Too bad the FB mods there can't just spawn a swablu for you...
    Well, I didn't know it was possible for you to lock your own account there, as I thought you were using your old profile, but oh well. No, as said, I can't gift the swablu to you over there, according to the rules. So, if you think that "taking" it here and then transferring it there is too convoluted, well...I tried :)
    I'm assuming you are a returning member there. So, afaik, you declare yourself that you are back along with any changes that you want to make to your profile. Then, you appeal, as you are a returning member, that you want to obtain/transfer the swablu. Tell the mods, like EAI, that you already had a pre-determined arrangement a year ago, showing proof of past and present conversation that I agree to this. As long as they know that you are not cheating as you have not transferred anything to your new profile there yet, you should be allowed to keep anything from here, especially something that should've been yours prior to the FB split. After all, it's not your fault that the split happened while you were away.

    The worst that could happen is they say no. The best that could happen is you get the swablu. You won't know unless you try.
    Look, do you want the swablu or not? It's my gift to you - and all you need to do is handwave certain exceptions there because (I think) you are in some sort of limbo/ambiguous situation. At this very moment, some rules apply to you, some rules don't. You might as well just use this to your advantage.
    Hint: What I mean to say is, there are...*ahem*....ways around rules, you know, loopholes and exploits. I can easily think of one way in which you could take the swablu from me, legally though dodgy and sketchy. It just requires a little bit of coordination, that's all ;)
    No, but I'm quite sure you will have fun regardless. Is there a reason why you are asking me?
    I've changed it from single to decuple for the confirmation post last week if you want to edit your post to quote properly.
    This hoothoot is slightly tricky. It hatched from the wrong egg, so I'm not sure if you should trade for it...
    I am keeping the swablu until Pokemon Sun/Moon releases just in case, but I probably won't keep it. PM me again after that if you still need a swablu then.
    Hey, I happened to notice you raised your Tirtouga from level 47 to level 50... twice. Once in your current Candy Store post, and once in your previous one.
    Actually, if you view my cable club post, sun stone is pretty much the only item that I am greatly hunting for. (Don't count the devolution spray staff-only item, of course)
    > Sun stone from Itzatrap's offer. I don't know how you are going to challenge that one...
    Not everyone (hint: me) checks that thread ;)
    Anything that happens there is not my problem, but I will let you know if the private offer rises, of course.
    lol, I thought you meant publicly via VM. Fine, whatever. Just know that I won't post in that thread.
    I actually prefer it publicly, but know that there is 1 private offer at 3 rare candies.
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