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  • If you don't mind a D ref I'll take your match against mon1010. Just let me know if you're cool with it.
    I don't tend to unless it's something that would take aaaaaaaaaaaages ("Run to the other side of the arena!")
    Its alright but we do check the shops regularly for posts/edits same with the registration posts (well I do). I've been very busy lately so I missed it but would have seen it. Your message just came across as a push to hurry us up, you just need to hold on for a bit. If it had been a week I would have said something being in your place (I have done the same).
    Just a reminder when signing up for Fizzy Bubbles you have to include your homeboard in the post title before you'll be sent the test. In this case "Serebii".
    Doubt I'll run into problems then - unless people around me start posting like that too much and I can't hold my frustration in. :p

    Alright welcome! As long as you don't start to talk like this

    lol thats funny bro herp derp
    you should be fine.
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