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  • what the hell why did my group get deleted

    its gay that your not allowed to have trading groups whats the problem with them
    Hahaha, sorry, but I'm ShinyPalkia not shiny palkia. XP We are two different people. ^_^'

    Well, I don't mind about that (even though my PM box came full). Umm, but I also have Wi-Fi so if you want to trade with me sometimes it goes for me, just PM or VM (VM may be better because my PM box is almost always full). :)

    I have all the starters, btw, so I can example trade them.

    Oh, I live in Finland which is looooooonnnng away from New York so it might be very difficult to trade for us, but just as you want.
    hey anyone who visits my page make sure to join my new group "trading connection" here you can post what pokemon you want and see if i or any other person in the group can hook you up with it
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