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  • Okay, lead the way, this should be fun. XD

    I came up with a quick and easy reasoning for Alex to trust Callie.
    Looks pretty good. Nice job with those NPCs, you did great.

    I have a feeling things are going to get pretty crazy. All the better, really.
    BTW, I always played the role of pedophile in most RPs here, those who I end up going for are usually younger than my character (I had my 19-year-old go for a 14-year-old boy once)...I just wanted to take my chances with being the possible loli this time. XD
    Sounds good, well did the idea i send you sound alright with you? Cause if it did we can work on it separately then just compare later and blend them.
    I was reading a weird name book. XD The internet does say it's Greek...gah, curse the name book! It's just that...Theresa has weird complexes (She hated Janine Price from the past RP when she tried to romance Alex) usually jealous or vain. she's the type to go hold grudges and beat up anybody who causes her the pain she does not want to feel. She doesn't necessarily have to look like Theresa in terms of hair color though, as she has a different mother.
    I'm not so sure. XD Theresa's family is rather problematic and she's written as a rebellious only child. Half-sister can work I guess, her mother being the first wife and a divorce taking place because she couldn't stand Leonardo's(Theresa's dad's) habits. She has to be about 28-ish and have a similar naming convention to Theresa's (Italian). Don't romance Alex though. XD
    Thanks. And yah, looking forward to that. Most of the RPG's I was in died, so I'll end up joining it if it seems interesting.
    Here's that banner you wanted. Although I'm not sure how well it's going to work out now that the RPG is dying....

    Hey! Sorry I've been gone. I've been totally wrapped up in my AP Language Class. Our class book is filled with all these awesome political and religious essays that blow my mind every time I read them. It's really changed the way I want to write so I've been studying them a lot. It's also why Fever Pitch hasn't been updated as I'm reworking chapters to expand on a few things. Anyways just wanted to let you know I'm not dead. :p
    lucky, lucky! I would kill to have a laptop! D: I hate being on this old pc all the time.
    indeed! i might be off to do that in a few minutes here~ if i dont get distracted that is. :p
    well now we can get on the road then, huh? I guess that means Kiruria is gonna start stalkin us too. x) i love her character.
    Ouch. :eek: Well that certainly was, interesting. And I didn't even get to finish my shots! Dx

    I may post again before the night's over. Definitely gonna be a fun one to write. :p
    tssh. He probably deserves it. :p So we'll be ready to get on after your post? Or will there be a little bit more to do in the bar?
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