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  • That sounds like the best way to view things. ^^ I'll just keep trying my best!

    Actually, I think I was...though I nearly forgot about it, since I was more concerned with the bit part I had in the other play. xD But, yes, it was quite important, so I had plenty to do.

    ...Thank you. It really means a lot to hear that from you; in recent days, a lot of my friends, on- and offline, have left or disappeared, and it's left me feeling very lonely. Knowing that you're there for me goes a very long way toward helping me feel better. I'll definitely tell you about what's troubling me, but I think I'd prefer to say it via PM, so that it's just between us (paranoid, I know, but bear with me). I also need to think of how to properly express it...for now, though, I'll say that it concerns a friend of ours. Thanks again for your support; you really are a true friend.
    Me, too, especially since the fact that I have ADD makes "dropping everything" very difficult for me. >_< I'll still try my best, though; like you said there's only a month left. Thanks a lot for the encouragement!

    Thank you. ^^
    And, thanks for that, too! As little as my role was, I still enjoyed myself quite a bit. =D

    Hehe...I appreciate that, but eventually, I may end up telling you anyway...it's really been getting to me lately. Whatever the case, though, I'm still very grateful for your kind words; it's support from friends like you and the rest of my "family" (so to speak) here that's helped me keep going the last few weeks.
    Likewise! ^^

    I can definitely relate; I've been totally overloaded with homework, both from school and my tutors. >_< I don't even have any extracurricular activities anymore (which frustrates me a bit...), and I still can't find a moment to myself! [sigh] But, I suppose it's nothing I haven't handled before. ^^;;

    Reasonably well, I guess. I'm sorry, too; I suppose I could've at least made an attempt to contact you during our long period apart...but, we're here now, so that's fine. :D Theatre? Oh, right! That was a long time ago...but, I still remember quite well! The play actually went over great!

    Aside from that, I've had to deal with a couple of...personal issues, which I'll probably detail at another time. But, otherwise, I'm quite good.
    Hi, there, Marichi! I see you have no messages here; time to change that! XD So...what's going on? I'm quite bored right now, myself.
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