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  • Can you let me know when you got some time left?

    I need your help once more haha.

    Enjoying ORAS so far? I absolutely adore the music in this game
    Plz make a secret base asap <3

    My Doubles Gym will contain Will (If I can find him though), You, (in the future maybe TJ) and Reavis, LeafeonVoid here on serebii :)
    Alright sweet ! give me 15-20 mins to prepare the mons I want to send over aswell ,

    thanks a ton !
    Sending over my shiny oras mons <3 and some VGC mons I think all will be around 20 mons.

    Is that okay with you? thank you very much ^^

    Cant wait for you to get ORAS aswell so I can recruit you for my Secret Base Double battles :D
    Marika, can you help me send over some mons from XY so it will be in my ORAS? :) (You just trade me thrash mons)

    Let me know if you are able to help me !
    No, the Resort is basically a cooler Kiloude City, but I love it there!

    There is one place you can get lunch, but it sucks compared to Le Wow...

    Thanks for the Oval Stone by the way, wanted to evolve my Happiny but I gotta wait till daytime :( And sorry for making you wait, some random passenger wanted to battle and I said wynaut. My 4 mons vs a whole team and guy got rekt lmao
    but hoenn is ugly. just come to the Battle Resort with me, breeding while listening to different music is amazing ;)

    I h8 having to go back to hoenn to ev train and catch mons tho. ew. just find me at the Resort ;)
    Not sure about X yet. Hopefully it isn't broken or all my shinies and pre gen 6 Pokemon from RSE/FRLG/DPP/HGSS/BW/B2W2 are gone. :/ Nvm still have some mons scattered throughout the games I can poke bank up :)
    I hope things work out Marika! And sure! >:V We'll team up and take out our opponents next time! I've been playing a bit of ORAS so hopefully I'll find something nice to add to our ranks!
    I might not be on wifi today+tomorrow coz stuck in office with overtime :(
    But will be on forums now and then.
    No prob! :3 I'm glad to add you! I'm good. I'm glad Showdown is back to practice some teams with. I had a battle where my Heatran was drunk and didn't hit with toxic two times. So I'm putting it in rehab. >:V bad Heatran.

    How are you??
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