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  • [ Sorry, I left my DS open yesterday on charge. So it looked like I was there :3

    I started earlier at 11.30 and finished at 23.25..... so I'm pretty dead today. How are ye?]
    There has always been a difference in gaming community, people that do it for fun or people that do it for the competitive side.. Its always been like that, those who play for fun are called casuals.. its not an Insult or anything, its just been this way all along.

    I do admit that my judgement about this is influenced by other games I play though, were casuals are just firkin annoying and unbelievable in behavior... playing cheap, dependable of others, ganging with 3 guys on 1
    ( lol dark souls ) and competitive players if it so happen are more for the 1on1 situation which is honourable.. but yeah even among them there are rotten apples.

    As for pokemon.. well I never bothered with the casual players as mostly they were Ubers nubs, come on Marika even you were pissed sometimes in our multies when we come across these kind of people.
    Now game freak rewards them with this feature with Hyper training and their uber teams have actual max IV's now. They dindt understand the whole IV thing and thats complicated for beginners, but those who want to make more out of the game, go search information about it and experiment with stuff. (The Hard Work Pays of factor yet again). When you figured it out, your mons were strong and ready in competitive play.

    Yeah I suppose thats a good thing, lots of my shinies who miss 1 max iv's will do now.. but still rather not have this feature lol.

    I wouldn't call it arrogant, more pride, since you feel that you worked hard to understand the mechanics of the game
    and for those who dindt just don't have the luxury to be skilled in battle. Game freak wants to break this diversity appearntly by making it to easy for everyone, so be it.
    It can expect the competitive battlers to be mad about it but since in general the casual players make more money (Buying toys, buying all kinds of commercial stuff from pokemon) they are of course more on their side.
    Yeah, Lilligant was amazing, Own Tempo + Petal Dance is a nice combination to use, especially not having to worry about being confused.
    Thanks. I usually like to plan some fun into my Tour Teams, and use Pokemon I don't normally use in battle. I do a lot of breeding and EV Training of Pokemon I just want to have, but never use, these Tourny's allow me to use those said Pokemon, and I just try to form a team around them from there.
    Hmm, I hear you but I remain with my standpoint.

    Since you say everyone is so negative about it, that must mean something.. breeding was never really a waste of my time, sometimes was but it was something I did with pleasure
    since it rewarded me for it at the end and gave me something unique, a shiny with my ID on it. Like I said, the hard work pays of factor is now just gone and value's of these kind of mons have no value anymore.

    The only good thing I can make out it of the feature is that cheating has no point anymore.. but meh, screw that. My whole shiny collection now turned to value 0
    with this feature and all those casual shiny hunters with their random shinies are extremely happy now.. Sigh.
    But with that aside how are you we also haven't talked in quite awhile
    I see what you mean I guess you got a point with the random shinies being worthless in a battles I can agree with you that it helps.
    Oh but that wasn't me lol. No, you just die and lose your points in order to level up or buy stuff.

    Hey Hyper training... its.. its.. stupid..
    This game is really going to be for the casuals my goodness NO POINT IN IV breeding and SHINY BREEDING anymore..
    Might as-well get random ones in the safari and train their IV's to 31 and use them.. Geez game freak, what was it thinking.. What I meant is, there is no " hard works pays off " factor wit this feature.

    I'll be honest, I'm far from hyped of this game. Going to wait for a while to buy it once its released.
    you welcome ^_^ I am so tired didn't get any sleep last night >.> and i had to work in the morning >.<
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