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  • I'm sorry, but do you happen to have HA Darumaka?
    Hi! I have a bunch of HA Galarian Darumaka. Is that the one you're looking for?
    Hey. I’m interested in your HA Sinisrea.

    I have the following HA available:
    Howlucha, Araquanid, G Rapidash, G Ponyta, A Ninetales, Bisharp, Escavalier, Cloyster, Oranguru, Indeede F, Drampa,Accelgor, Escavalier, G-Corsola, Vanilluxe, Rookidee, Litten, Grimmsnarl, Charizard, Garbodor, Copperajah, Machamp, Snorlax, Duraludon, Gengar

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    Would you trade the Growlithe then? I already have a shiny Azumarill and a lot of shiny Shinx.
    Well I would give you a Shaymin, UT for like a Minun if you still had it, but I have others if you don't want it..
    Yes, I will get on now, my fc is: 2106 7216 9626. Whats yours? And is that the only one you have, because if not I would prefer a male, but if it is then thats fine.
    Lol definately because when you message me it usually says 5, or 6 am. And what is the gender, nature, and level of the Absol and where/how did you get it? Btw my Darkrai is trained, by me and is level 100 so if thats a problem then let me know.
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