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Marion Ette
Last Activity:
Dec 27, 2018
Mar 20, 2012
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Marion Ette

Eyes Wide Open

Marion Ette was last seen:
Dec 27, 2018
    1. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Thought so. ;) Have you not picked a color for yourself?
    2. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Next time click on View conversation and reply. :P
    3. Marion Ette
      Marion Ette
      Thanks, man! I appreciate it. I'm excited to be here!
    4. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Hey there, welcome to SPPF. Hope you enjoy your stay here. If you ever need a referee here or on UPN, you can ask me. :)
    5. Cyber Robert
      Cyber Robert
      After reading that last update, I have a feeling you want some tacos. :p
    6. Emp
      Posted! Might be a lot rougher than I'd hoped cause it's 4AM here, but I needed to get it done so I could start on my own updates.
    7. Emp
      Hi Marrion. Just seen your post about Phantom Isle and I'm about to get to works revising my intro post. I'm debating whether to take 6 Eevee with me on a cart each on the Big Wheel or whether to take my Elgyem on the Rollerquaza cause so he can get as close to outer space as possible :P If you have any preference, let me know. and if you've already started updating my adventure, that's cool too I guess.
    8. ShinyMienshao
    9. Itzatrap

      Sorry to bother you, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the last fruit/vegetable of the picture is. ._.; All I can think of is sweet potato. (I have terrible visual/imagination skills ._.;) Could I get a small hint pweeze? If possible of course. ^^;
    10. MarbleZone
      Sorry about the delay in replying to your last update. I've got it typed, but can only post on Monday when Elekid comes out of the Training Centre. Sorry if I kept you waiting...
    11. Emp
      :D This is just awesome. Should we carry on where I left off because I wouldn’t mind starting fresh. If so is there any area you’re keen to update?
    12. kaisap112
      Oh wow, thank you! Hopefully it won't be too much trouble. *bows*
    13. Dark Searchman
      Dark Searchman
      lol I think you posted in the wrong thread... =P
    14. Itzatrap
      Only see one message, guess they were deleted.

      Just needed a small change which I just did. Thank you!
    15. Itzatrap
      Hey ME,

      Was just wondering if I could change something in my reply. If you've already written something with my reply, it's alright. Thanks either way.
    16. Missingno. Master
      Missingno. Master
      Just in case you haven't already seen on UPN, CyberBlastoise is looking to get rid of his Litwick. Didn't think you'd want to miss that opportunity.
    17. LadyTriox
      Hi! :3 Friendship?^^;
    18. Thrain
      Alright, that sounds good. ^.^
    19. takkupanda
      Umm, how about Broly burning the bushes? The only Pokemon I have who knows Cut is Diglett, who is currently with you, and no one knows Dig or Rock Climb. Marcelo could try climbing instead, but I guess I'd keep that as the last option.
    20. Thrain
      Alright, thank you very much!
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