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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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    Gaaaah, Streetlight Manifesto! They're singing too fast for me to understand them, but they sound pretty much awesome. A mix of everything that should exist.
    Which album should I start with? I'm sure they're all stellar, but you know.

    Whenever I figure out how to get some money, I'll definitely pick up Defiance Ohio.

    ...Maybe I'll sell crack or something. Seems to work pretty well around here.
    As it turns out, though, I don't really like ska. Rather, I like Five Iron Frenzy. I'd love for something to come along and make me like the genre, so far, not a whole lot.

    This Bike is a Pipe Bomb is so perfect though It makes me smile just thinking about them.
    Aha, you're a modern day...bike rider :)

    Meh, the last time I rode a bike, I nearly got hit by a truck because I wasn't looking. And, before that, I went down a ditch and flipped over XD

    Not very safe.

    Dan <3
    Is it more expensive in the morning where you are, then?

    It's the same all the time here, now. Had a bus pass, anyway. And I had money then, but not anymore :)

    Dan <3
    Ha. You should see how long it took me to type it. I didn't purposely fall asleep :p

    I just ended up coming home from the opposite end of the route :)

    Dan <3
    I'm good. Drunk. It's 6:45 and I got home 15 minutes ago. I think I fell asleep on the bus.

    Dan <3
    Like, herror. Thought I'd add and say hi, since we're practically...nothing :p

    Ah, as if a year and a day.

    Dan <3
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