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  • That's fine. I understand the hesitation. I will be available starting around 6 PM EST.
    Sounds good. Just add my code and we can make the trade whenever.

    Unfortunately I have pretty much all of your tradeable events and was trying to hang onto them to trade for events I do not have. However if you would do Mew, Celebi, and Keldeo for the both of them I could part with them. If not I will probably hang onto them.
    Honestly, I can do that. I’d love to be able to finish off the dex.

    Now I hate to be this person, but as you have only been a member since February, I would do Mew for the first one, Celebi for the second, and then I will give you Keldeo for whatever.

    I’ve been a member in good standing since 2012 and I’ve been burned before.
    Unfortunately if they have the ribbons on them they cannot be traded over Home whoch is sad because you have some really cool ones :/. Do you have any other events that can go through SWSH because of those ones the only ones that can go through are Mew Celebi Jirachi and Keldeo.
    I do have a Level 100 Sassy Reshiram with Turboblaze - SPR2012.
    I also have a Level 100 SPR2012 Zekrom with Teravolt.
    I also have an event Munchlax lvl 5.
    I have an event Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist from Spooky2014.
    That’s the last of my tradeable events I think.
    Hey could you tell me the different events you have? The ones that can be traded on SwSh or Home. If you have gen 6 or 7 I could trade there too
    Sadly I ported up to Home, so I don't have any events back on 6th/7th generation. Everything else is available on Sword/Home.

    Mew - OT: GF
    Celebi - OT: GF
    Shiny Rayquaza - OT: Galileo
    Jirachi - OT: GAMESTP
    Deoxys - OT: GAMESTP
    Darkrai - OT: ALAMOS
    Shaymin - OT: GF
    Arceus - OT: GF
    Victini - OT GF
    Serperior - OT: Present
    Emboar - OT: Present
    Samurott - OT: Present
    Keldeo - OT: GF
    Meloetta - OT: GF
    Genesect - OT: GF
    Shiny Xerneas - OT: XYZ
    Shiny Yveltal - OT: XYZ
    Diancie - OT: HOPE
    Hoopa - OT: Mac
    Volcanion - OT: Helen

    Phew. I think that's it. :)
    I'm looking for Shiny's again to get back to my Shiny Dex. I have a fair amount of Shiny traders and some legendaries too. I'm very open to trades.
    so do you still need a gible? let me know. if yes when you can trade.
    if it's just a gible a nn'd lillipup would be awesome.
    Honestly, just a Gible with the nickname Garchomp then if you could please, and thank you for helping me out here.
    ok no problem. i only recommend nn for jpn pokes otherwise they lose the Kana when they evolve and the name return to a regular name.
    well let me know specifically what you'd like and i'll do my best to get it.
    so if we traded the start of them it would be torchic, abra, pikachu, gible and feebas? oh plus Zorua.
    i can do that. don't have any torchics right now, but i can breed one for you. either in english, japan or french. can do a nickname too.
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