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  • hey hope to talk to ya again real soon! miss our little battles we had haha OH feel free to add me on skype (if u have one) name should be easy to figure out :p
    Hi Marowlan! Sorry it's been a while, I've been abroad/been preparing to move out of my parents' house :)

    How are you doing?
    This summer is shaping up well, although I hardly have a moment to spare. At university I was going out every day. Now I'm home, but not for long. I'm jetting off to Tokyo next week for 10 days. Plus, I've organised a trip for 10 students to Amsterdam just over 2 weeks from now. So busy!

    Also it looks like the whole area is about to get flooded tomorrow. In early July.....weird stuff.
    Haha, thank you! We took one proper graduation picture and one more humorous version. That sure ain't the serious picture :p I loved that our graduation gowns had furry hoods though!

    How are you doing? Having a good summer? :)
    Yeah, that makes sense.


    my musician friend always plays music when she gets stressed, lol
    Mmm, again your music is always so unexpectedly serene.


    SO many people these days go for more heart pounding stress building stuff, ya now?

    Your stuff really sticks out to me as both well done and calming.

    Have you heard of, uh, quiet company? your velvet sky sounds somewhat like what they do, sort of.



    yeah, i really do like that one. I think even more then the cherry blossoms song.

    wow I'm so late at responding.


    Sorry about that marow, ive just been so busy this year with school.


    as summer rolls in, hopefully ill be able to spend more time chatting.

    Wow, I couldn't imagine that... I get up after midday on most weekend days :p It's the only day when the cleaner doesn't bustle into the room in the morning to empty our bins... we're very fortunate, we have daily cleaners who looks after our kitchen, corridors and such.

    ...I couldn't imagine that either xD I love food, especially sugar! But the slightest lapse in caution over what I eat and it shows :< This term I switched all my favourite foods (chocolate/biscuits/candy/cake) for fruit to stay healthy. I've actually found that it *is* possible to eat too much fruit, because I definitely haven't lost weight.

    Haha, glad my vocabulary is amusing :p I do use a few British-isms, such as using the word 'rather' a lot. But otherwise I'm not too bad xD
    Blimey, 5am... the only time I ever see 5am is at the end of a late night. I bet it's never even light at that time! What do you do in weekends? Supreme lie-in or get up early?

    Thanks :) Without it I don't think I'd manage my weight well though. Curse you, marshmallows! *Shakes fist* :p
    I can still go running with a dodgy knee, and that's the only exercise I really need to be able to do :) Otherwise I'd slowly morph into a wailmer, lol :p Really, running 6 miles a week keeps me going.

    Haha, time-zones are so confusing! It doesn't help that most of my clocks are running at the wrong time (I'm always late for everything, so I move the clocks forward to trick myself into being on time)... 10pm sure is an early time to go to sleep!
    Oh I see! Aha, no worries, I get confused easily :p

    I think I sympathise there. My left knee is dodgy - it's fine, until I play badminton or fencing or some other sport that stresses the knees. 4 times it's now twisted in the same place and stopped me walking normally for weeks. Hopefully you don't have to strain that ankle too much on a regular basis!

    Also I should really go to bed, it's gone 4am...
    I'm 21 years old now! Such a mature adult, how dull :p

    So how is your ankle now? Hopefully all sorted by now! And that you at least got a bit of birthday cake on the day :) Happy birthday for yesterday! - Or today if the timezone is American :p
    Thank you! I still have my birthday cards hung up around the room, so certainly not too late, haha. Ooh, how are you going to celebrate? Happy birthday in advance! (Although I'll try to remember on the day)

    Making friends has become easier as I keep throwing myself into new situations where I have no choice :p New sport, new schools, new university, new home, etc. Shall see how the new job goes, hehe.

    Blimey, could you even walk after that happened?! Have you had to take any time off work?
    Wow, talk about a late response.


    Sorry mate, I haven't been very active anywhere on the net lately, so I totally missed your message.


    Could you shoot me the link for the song again?

    I'm afraid i lost it.

    Sorry for the massively late reply! Been busy with my birthday and all :)

    12 hour shifts?! That's madness, I don't know how you managed that either. I did a 12 hour night shift from 7pm through to 7am once. Never, ever, doing that again. (Will probably do it one day again, I wish not though!)

    I'm quite excited about moving, but I'm really going to miss my family and my current housemates. They're a brilliant support network, I could get through anything if I kept them at my side. Oh well!
    Thanks! I didn't know I'd get the job, but my luck came through :D It's an accountancy job in London, I'll be moving house in August for it :]

    I'm glad that work is interesting enough for you! And cool that you get trusted with all sorts of roles *thumbs up* Do you have to work long hours?
    Thanks, I got the job! My next three years are now sorted :]

    Shame about the work situation - how's it panning out now? Hehe, I don't mind sharing normally, my exception to the rule is sugary food....everyone keeps sharing my chocolate here, argh! XD
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