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  • same here....

    nothing really big going on or anything, just life as usuall.


    i think ill get going on chapter two today.

    still brainstorming for a name...


    its annoying because i had the perfect name, and i cant recall it.


    synopsis? synthesis?


    yeah, i suppose so huh?


    ive decided that i will in fact post it.

    right after i think of a good title.


    hows life?

    ill be sure to keep that in mind.


    your right, i should just try and let it flow naturally...

    this nit picking is something of a bad habit of mine.

    good, good, I'm glad it doesnt seem bad.


    i was getting geared up to re-write the entire first three quarters.


    im not totally sure where the different regions thingy came from, completely.


    on one hand, its kinda deus ex machima since those pokemon fit the guys personalty better, but they will move from region to region fairly often if the story comes the way im planning.


    im thinking ill show the first chap + prologue off to a few more people before i work up the nerve to post.


    no rush, no rush, i dont want to pressure you or anything.

    just when ever you have time mate, hey?

    hey marrow, did you get a chance to look through that yet?


    if not its no problem, just wondering.

    sure thing mate, ill send you a copy.


    thanks for the help by the way, I truly do appreciate it.

    hye marrow, finished chapter one, finally.


    corrections took a blasted long time....

    want to take a look and tell me what sucks?

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