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  • Sorry, I might not be able to make any trades at the moment. As you see, I can't connect to wifi. Sorry I could not say this earlier. Sorry for the inconvenience...
    GRANTED, i'd still have loved to get that in the mix somehow :( defy poke-logic and stuff. *mind fizzles*
    anything else you need that i might have, perchance? i'm really quite bored.
    I've bought a router before, but I couldn't get it working on my computer. And as for the Grass Knot thing, it's ok. Piplup can't learn Grass Knot anyway.
    Of course I am. I would do the trade right now, but I don't have access to wifi at home. I have to go to a hotspot location at this mall, so, yeah. GTG. Bye, see you later.
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