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Aug 26, 2012
Jun 8, 2012
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New Member

mart00 was last seen:
Aug 26, 2012
    1. pagongster55
      Mart, if you are free, would you mind cloning 1 pokemon for me? It's a flawless shiny timid emolga. You can keep a copy for yourself if you want.
    2. Swampert is my Homeboy
      Swampert is my Homeboy
      I got my pokemon cloned, I can trade whenever you can. :)
    3. soundxfury
      Sorry I'm taking so long with your requests, I had some things come up and wasn't home all weekend. I'm doing them right now. Since the Larvitar you want is Adamant nature, do you mind if the Sp.Atk stat isn't flawless?
    4. pagongster55
      Thanks so much for the trades and the clonebacks too. I'll check in on you later, maybe to see if you get anything new. Ingat.
    5. pagongster55
      I miss the Philippines a lot. Still have lots of family there. How's the cloning going?
    6. pagongster55
      I live in Memphis, TN. Where are you from? I will wait in the room for you to come back.
    7. pagongster55
      I am. But I know lots of filipinos that don't know how to speak tagalog.
    8. pagongster55
      Nice! My Friend Code is 4813 6426 7286. Are you ok with doing clonebacks?
    9. pagongster55
      Yes sir I am filipino indeed. I got your PM. I will gladly trade you that torchic, flareon, reshiram, and zekrom for your gible, lugia, keldeo and melotta. As far as I know, everything I have is 100% legit. I need clonebacks on everything I trade to you. Is that ok? I can't clone my own pokemon. I am availble to trade now if you are free.
    10. pagongster55
      I got your PM with those natures I was asking about. Did you see anything from my list that interested you?
    11. Redphienix
      Alrighty then, thanks for the trade ^.^ Have fun with the Genesect :3
    12. pagongster55
      Hi mart, I am interested in several of your pokemon in your sig. Would you mind if I sent you a PM with a list of flawless/near flawless shinies I have for trade? Also, can you tell me the nature of your dw gible, dw lugia, movie keldeo, and movie melotta?
    13. Redphienix
      Heading in :3 Will you be needing a clone of the DW Ho-Oh?
    14. Redphienix
      Will do!
    15. Blue Raja
      Blue Raja
      the first post in this thread has a description of all my monsters.
      if they are normal or alternate color it is in the description.
      go ahead and look through the list at your leisure and let me know what you would like in exchange
    16. Blue Raja
      Blue Raja
      replied on my thread to your post:)
    17. pokefansara
    18. pokefansara
      hey i jst saw ur post on one of the shops asking for a pokemon with dw ability.....i guess if dw means download i have a porygon z lvl 26 ut from kanto....if u cud pls give me ur arceus or any other legendry pokemon...!!
      Pm me for the deal
    19. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      Yupness Thank you again :3
    20. Archangel Azazel
      Archangel Azazel
      Sure I will keep it in the trophy case I am doing ^_^ Soon it will be there as NFT :D don't worry
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:



    Note: i do not want pokes with pokerus active/cured & i only want pokes that are flawless but non shiny with egg moves.

    All of these pokes are UT meaning untouched.

    Near/Flawless Events:
    TRU;149; FAl2010;151; SMR2010;385; TRU;492; Movie:647: & :648:

    Dreamworld Near/Flawless:
    ;255; 2x with different OTs
    ;327; with Superpower
    ;473; 3 natures all flawless

    Shiny Flawless Events:
    Kyushu;254; Timid
    Kyushu;257; Jolly
    Kyushu;260; Brave