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  • No. I have been very busy this week and haven't had any time for the WSC. I'm making a fan game y'know. So that takes up most of my time. Along with school and acting and my own personal affairs (movies, friends, etc). I might do next week's though.
    It's not that important, it's just generally acknowledged as a courteous thing to do. Anyway I suppose I should have been clearer. When you fuse you need to have a balance of each. You want to have it clear enough to see what you used after say, 15 seconds or so, but not so clear that people can tell with a simple glance.
    Pokemasterz you should not be complaining about the fact he stuck parts of different pokemon together because, that was his intention, "a fusion" in other words, and that's what he did and it looks very well done to me and many more.
    Yeah, no. There are good fusions and there are bad fusions.

    A good fusion has a clear balance of the Pokemon used, has well blended parts and actually takes you a while to tell what it was made from.

    Then there are bad fusions. Bad fusions are horribly c+p, with little to no blending between parts and and you can see what they're made from with hardly any effort.

    That fusion is leaning more to the "bad" side, and all Pokemazter was doing was giving good crit. (Which is really hard to come by these days)
    iaza.com try it sometime :P
    How bout Marowak retyped to Psychic and Rhyhorn retyped to Electric. I had fun with this, but it was a tough one.

    EDIT: Cleaned up my Rhyhorn a little.
    may I ask why you always have that annoying green backround?
    I recall seeing someone saying that and because of it, it's not gonna count.

    If you voted for more than 3 entries, that 4th entry won't count.
    here I did this for you, it seems you don't know how to make transparent backrounds I used iaza.com to help you
    It's not fully done. But I'm working on completing it. I've slowly been making a list of what the fakemon will be and such.
    ah damn, well i knew that bud, im not going to make a game, im just making a fakedex for now, for the looks of it, simply graphics
    Games aren't only graphics, you know. There is storyline involved, eventing, scripting, actual dedication. We've been working on ours for over 4 years now and are just now about to release a demo. :/
    I haven't released them to the public yet. I'll be posting a thread on SPPF soon, along with a few other sites with all the info on the game. Including the fakedex.
    I'm a BS spriter. Like I'll sprite an idea and you can make it better. I'm a brand new spriter, though I've got this ox guy looking pretty sick. i can;t scratch at all though. but as of now the only thing you can tell i used is tauros's head. and my sprites are usually rather large. :/ But yeah, i understand that, but there's three of em, and he denies a lot of good ideas. like, he's doing a rabbit for the fire starter.
    hey man. I left weather's dex. I had some good ideas and he blew em off. i'd like to present em to ya in PM. lemme know man.
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