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    Well I recently finished up a massive trade by trading all my pokemon in SS, LG, Pearl, and Emerald to my Platinum version, I caught a LOT of Bidoof and Starly lol. I'm going to be restarting SS since I've already beaten it and have no pokemon left in it. I'm also going to be focusing on beating the Battle Tower in Platinum, my team for that is Togekiss, Electivire, and Starmie, I'll see how far I can make it with them. My SS team before the trade was Feraligatr, Ampharos, Mamoswine, Red Gyarados, Heracross, and Noctowl. I plan on picking Cyndaquil for my second playthrough.
    Unfortunately our battle is postponed indefinitely. I got new internet service and it's through my cable provider and not wireless. So no more Wi-Fi for me T-T

    How's training going for you?
    Congrats! If you make a team I would love to battle you. I should have my internet connection back on in a few weeks so I'll contact you then.
    That's great! I love both Rayquaza and Ninjask, they're very good pokemon. I'm also glad your Sudowoodo is doing good as well. How far are you in Emerald and Platinum?
    No problem, I'm happy to help anytime.

    My Jirachi is doing great! It's currently at lv.50 with the rest of my Platinum team and is quite strong. I also added one of the 2 PCP's I received from the Wi-Fi event as the final member of my team. I wasn't too excited about the Jolly nature that it automatically comes with because that makes Thunderbolt pretty useless, but then I EV trained it in attack and speed in Pearl where it evolved into Pikachu. I got a few shards using the Safari Zone Time Trick in Platinum, sent it back to Platinum, taught it Thunderpunch, and now it's really strong. I also plan on keeping it as a Pikachu and not evolving it since I'm not a huge Raichu fan. I'm now in Snowpoint going for my 7th badge with my team of Torterra, Infernape, Empoleon, Glaceon, Jirachi, and Pikachu, I'm loving all the little changes in Platinum. So how's everything going in Emerald?
    I tried to give you this link yesterday but the site was actin funny. But heres a link to a great stat calculator so you can see what your pokemons stats will look close to before you level them up to your desired level: http://pokemon.marriland.com/statcalc_dp.php

    - The best way to farm money for Vitamins is to battle against the old couple on the route below Hearthome City with a Pokemon equipped with an amulet coin.

    - Theres a lady in Sunyshore who gives ribbons to pokemon who have maxed out their Effort Points so it's a great way to tell if your pokemon is done with it's training.

    If you need help or have questions about anything feel free to ask me, I'll be happy to help.
    Well EV training isn't all that hard and is quite simple when you have the right tools and learn how to do it properly. If you have Pokerus, Vitamens, a Macho Brace, or a Power Item it goes by quite fast and makes your pokemon stronger in the long run.

    Heres some great links to get you started:


    Thats only for D/P though and not Platinum, I've yet to look up anything about hot spots to train in Platinum since I've yet to finish it and I only EV train and breed for natures after the story is over. I'm quite new to EV training myself but I got the hang of it in no time and discovered it wasn't as hard or time consuming as I thought it would be.

    The spread I used to train my Jirachi was 76HP/ 252 Special Atk/ 252 Speed.
    Well Smogon usually has some pretty good moveset and strategy ideas so you could check them out. I went with a Timid one because I wanted a Speedy/Special Sweeper type and wanted to make the most of its Draco Meteor move. The great thing about Jirachi is that it's very versatile and can play many different roles in a team such as a Tank, Physical Sweeper, Cleric, and a bunch of other things depending on your style of play. I like to hit fast and hard, that's why I went with the Jirachi I have.

    I also just added a Glaceon to my Platinum team. I'm glad it's a female too, Glaceon is the only Eevee evolution that I prefer a certain gender for, it's also my favorite of the evolutions. I transferred the Eevee you get in Hearthome over to my Pearl version to evolve it, teach it some new attacks, and train it to match my teams levels which are at 30 right now, 2 more levels and I get my Torterra! I'm currently in Fantina's Gym goin for my third badge.
    Thats cool. I recently got Platinum so I've been playing that, I've only got 2 badges. I'm currently leveling up my in-game team which consist of Grotle (starter), Monferno, Prinplup, and my new, Timid, fully EV trained, Gamestop Jirachi. Did you get one yet?
    Hi there. Regarding your last question on your "Crystal" topic, although i' m not 100% sure i think you can restore your Pokemon. I could send you a link if you want to take a look at a "tutorial".
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