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Dec 29, 2013
Jul 16, 2008
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Maruno was last seen:
Dec 29, 2013
    1. OshyHikari
      Oh look it's PC's Game Dev mod! Hi!
    2. Ethan

      Maruno please be my friend I know the staff. ;D
    3. ace trainer trey
      ace trainer trey
      wana b on my frend list maruno i know goldenpure
    4. siburke939
      someone with intelligence AND common sense on the internet? get out! :-P
    5. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      Oh, well I wish you luck with getting work at the MET office. Any news from there yet?
    6. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      I know how you feel about wanting to create the game yourself. It sucks having something great but knowing that it wasn't entirely by yourself lol. There's always that nagging part that makes you feel as if you don't deserve whatever it is, or that you don't deserve any credit for it. How long do you think it will take you to finish the scripting and graphing? Also, what jobs have you come across while searching for one?
    7. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      Sorry, I really didn't expect I would be gone for so long. :( Anything new happen with you?
    8. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      Hi there, sorry for not replying to your pm yet. I've been away for around two months, so I'll get working on it. :p
    9. Erik Destler
      Erik Destler
      why did you report that post after I had already closed the topic + editted it?
    10. Korusan
      They claim it all to be an altered timeline, which I'll just accept. They've actually denied it being a reboot.
    11. Korusan
      It would have become a generic Star Wars ship methinks.

      Atleast the other ship is somewhat decent. I'm really interested in seeing a more 1960's design of it though, similar to the real Enterprise.
    12. Korusan
      I find your knowledge of Trek to be most outstanding on this forum. Kudos to you.
    13. Profesco
      Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Maruno. ^_^
    14. S31R31
      Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!
    15. ScytheSwipe
      oh ok the sad thing is I knew that. I can photoshop and use Dreamweaver efficiently and yet I fail to remember the simplest things.... *i should lol at myself for being beyond the point of saving*
    16. ScytheSwipe
      i'm a noob so plz help me. how'd you get that quote in your sig???
    17. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      So it was two months! Ok, thanks for replying so fast. Seriously, you have a lot on your mind lol. :)
    18. S31R31
      Hi Maruno how are you doin? Have you watched Chaos Head? It's an anime.
    19. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      It was like a month and a half ago lol. Let's just say I like to take my time. :p Ok, I finished replying to the pm!
    20. Golden Pure
      Golden Pure
      Sorry I haven't replied to the pm, I'm just really lazy when it comes to long ones lol. I'll get to it by tomorrow, probably. :p
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