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Jan 25, 2017
May 7, 2010
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Shinneeee!, from UK

Marvs was last seen:
Jan 25, 2017
    1. ChaoticInverse
      You posted a few questions in the shiny thread, I'm not sure if they've been answered yet so I thought I'd give it a shot.

      1)You have to select a starter to see if it's shiny. As far as I know the poocheyna is shiny locked so no worries about that. (that wasn't part of your question but i thought i'd mention it! :3)
      2) I think the assumption right now is that the odds are the same as XY so 1/4096. I haven't seen any evidence otherwise. There are some methods in the game that people think might reduce the odds (dexnav searching which is similar to changing, and people are curious about the odds for the Mirage spots where you encounter various legendaries but still no actual proof for the latter method for reduced odds)
      Edit: I've also seen people use the dexnav to sr. So that's an option if you like to do so. You basically just encounter and then soft-reset. So like sr-ing but with a wider range of pretty much any target.

      3)Yep, still the same.
      4)Dexnav is the only new method I think. It's very similar to chaining and you get it soon after you get your starter. It can be also useful for finding unique pokemon moves and pokemon with better stats.I think if you search around there are a few guides for it, I'm not sure how it works aside from the fact that you encounter a lot of pokemon in order to get your 'search level' for that pokemon up .I don't know if the odds for it are lower/higher/the same for chaining but it seems like it takes longer than traditional chaining does.
    2. kirkeastment
      Just wanted to respond via vm rather than an edit or new post...

      I certainly won't rule out a "hidden" mechanic, which could be in the game, that may in some way affect shiny odds, but tipping is rather prevalent in the game, so it seems far too "out there" for it to in some way affect shiny rates as part of a hidden mechanic.

      Especially since the last hidden mechanic to affect shinies was international breeding, something which was never discovered till Masuda mentioned it on his blog.
    3. AquaRegisteel
      Hey there. Do you mind if I add your FC for the Safari?

      My FC is: 2020-0646-3600

      Thanks in advance :)
    4. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      Added you. Really wanted someone with dragons :D
    5. SmeargleRocks
      Get any new shinies lately? I have had a drought for over a month :(
    6. VIA
      that good?
    7. VIA
      i just need it so i can SR for shiny landorus which is the last SRable legendary in the game I havent gotten
    8. SmeargleRocks
      Oh okay I gotcha :)
    9. VIA
      hey ive been inactive for awhile ahaha. do you have a thunderus
    10. SmeargleRocks
      I'm curious about something in your Sig, what's the 3/11 and 4/11 stuff mean? Been seeing you on the shiny thread that we both post in :)
    11. darkdrapion
      Hey, I heard you needed more dex entries and so do I, so I was wondering if maybe you wanted to help each other out?
    12. EmiiLava
      I have a huntail/goreabyss. Do you have a mewtwo/virizion/terrakion/reshiram for a trade and trade back dex entry?
    13. LadyTriox
      Hi ^_^ Wanna be friends? ;3
    14. VIA
      You did it?
    15. Chibi_Muffin
      Wow! Congrats on getting that Terrakion! That would have taken a LOT of patience, so you really deserve it! =)
    16. VIA
      You must be around 20k by now. Have you thought about coming back to it. Like when I have end game stuff to do and a shiny takes to long I go and do it later.
    17. VIA
      did you get it yet?
    18. VIA
      Hmm ok hope you get it soon.
    19. ShadowedXHunted
      What do you mean Shiny check? I can't get my Zangoose either ; ;
    20. ShadowedXHunted
      Whaaa? What is your count on. That's almost like Zangoose which I just got back into.
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