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Master Leo
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  • Yup. I haven't logged on since November/December. I used to use these forums a lot. Kinda depressing, but just how it is I guess.
    The kind of things you'd feel uncomfortable talking about on an internet forum?

    I haven't got time to check the bloody smash thing yet!
    Thanks a lot dude, I'll report back with results when I've tried it.

    Fair enough, that seems kind of deep so I won't press you on it. When I said "what's stopping you other than yourself?" I didn't mean any offence or to be insensitive, it was a legitimate question. I only just realised I phrased it kinda badly.
    Good for you dude :D
    Meanwhile I find that my smash bros won't connect to online and as such my interest has decreased and consequently I have gotten worse haha

    Playing guitar is the biggest passion in my life. Once you get a few basics down it's worth it.
    Do you have money for tutoring? That would be a good start, but being self taught is fine too, just probably not as easy to kick off.
    Just a thought.
    Have you found playing the wii u version to have increased your performance?

    Do you play any musical instruments?
    I was just asking seeing as that's where I am at more them here lol so how's it going
    My internet DC's in half an hour, so probably not unfortunately. But tell me if you come online before then. :)

    Stay frosty.
    This is ridiculous. I feel for you man.

    You do that. And in ten years when I finally get a Wii U, we can share codes.
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