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Master Leo
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  • Yeah I know.

    Nope it says can't connect to the server at this time try again later.
    Lol doesn't help. I just can't write one page essays too hard.

    It's sorta connected lol I can go online.
    I got very low scores in English and my I not doing so well in math.
    Lol I am trying to connect to the college wifi with my 3ds.

    I am worried I use to be a A+ student but I think I am barely passing my classes.
    Oh yeah, must add you then! I'm yet to try LvsD or Together though. Been trying to get all the idols, achievements etc first.
    *starts putting cheese on you*

    It really didn't seem very hard. I have the midterm in two weeks .
    Aha, just been playing through it again. Just beaten Cragalanche and seriously Viridi is just so awesome like pretty much all the characters in the game. :D
    No you can't.lol

    Lol ok I gotta watch those.

    I have my second math test in a couple of minutes.
    lol I am not epic.

    Never heard of it. lol gotta love when that happens.
    yeah thats why I say I only have saturday to relax because I help at chuch sundays.

    No need I like doing things on my own.
    lol he just turned 5 recently. /_\

    I am just bad at combat, so I gotta come up with a strategy to beat it.
    lol I don't know he also calls me the tickle monster and tries to beat me up.

    It's hard boss.
    A kid a church called me that.

    day 170 something I am fighting a giant tank at beast's castle.
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