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  • Mental? Hmm explain this to me lol as my brain is fried from today mock testing myself XD

    No no no! Never think of this just a game when you are in the game world! Especially when you encounter a glitch!
    Yes yes don't panic me!

    Uh...because I am used to not being in a limelight haha.
    Haha thanks Peter!

    You like role play type huh? I prefer to be a background character XD
    Oh. Lol those movie like scenes~

    Yeah. But I don't bury them -_- And lol that is super dark to play a game.

    Eeek I my final exams are this coming Friday!
    I don't like them at all!

    So you will be getting 6th gen? Since you hardly drop by here at all, I thought you quit playing.
    Not really like "Plain" designs and make them powerful. Boohoo. You know at first I thought those Rus Trio are useless until give them stupid Prankster ability -_-
    Info? 6th gen?

    I just want to know whether they introduce IV Max banning (such as cap at 3 max IVs). If not, it is the pretty much the same haven for hackers -_- So yeah because of that spoils my mood for next gen.
    My brain cannot cope with boring theory topics!

    It is worth it if you can remember it that is!
    Huh...I already explain them! Anyway Motor Control is physiology and physics heavy. I hate this alot. Well I failed this in mid sem -_-

    I don't get to choose either as it is general sports science. If I can get through masters, I go for physiotherapy.
    I mean I am doing Sports Science in general. Currently doing on Motor Control (Body movement), Physical Activity and Health and Sport Application 1 (Massage and first aid, mostly theory heavy).

    Yours is more mix than mine haha!
    Haha yup hi Peter!

    I am fine~ my final exams are coming but not graduating this year haha. 5 more units to go after this term.

    How about you?
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