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Master of All
Last Activity:
Feb 21, 2016
Oct 4, 2008
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Master of All

Call me Peter..., from um...the world of pokemon?

Master of All was last seen:
Feb 21, 2016
    1. sizida

      nah dissecting needs skill~

      well yeah my wall is creepy now...
    2. sizida
      really? so it is cross breeding animal?

      my room is messy with my anatomy posters~
    3. sizida
      i will take good care of them. really! though i prefer to get someone as a ginnea pig lol!

      it is gonna be more messy lol.
    4. sizida
      D: i also want to play with expensive equipments and machines...

      lol i had wrote down everything about the muscles of the head and paste on my wardrobe!
    5. sizida
      wow. you can use that? even though you aren't certified?

      whew studying the muscles of the head gives me headache.
    6. sizida
      lol. by dissection? well that is the first LOL.

      i am fine with dissection but not the pooping process. i am weird huh?
    7. sizida
      that is what i said. because the large intestine relax, the liquid and solid ones sink, but the gas is free to go.

      well that is my point of view. this topic is gross nonetheless XD

    8. sizida

      not really want to know but i guess it could be due to the relaxing of the big intestines that able to allow gas to go but not the waste? i didn't study that area lol.

      ok you are pro!
    9. sizida
      science work huh... i dun know. better be not pervy -_-

      you dun work you have no income D:
    10. sizida

      nah i don't watch that anime. really it is for guys only...

      so you are fat now?

      haha! disability payment.
    11. sizida
      i prefer god vitamin c is there is one XD. anyway i just get back to training. an easy one.

      hmm dropped about 5 degrees in average?

      LOL that is...dangerous!
    12. sizida
      lol it is lazy -_-

      haha here is cold too. monsoon season lol.

      -_- too many porns huh?
    13. sizida
      still sucks.

      i heard it is cold there.

      it died because it is old or something?
    14. sizida
      i don't -_-

      my immunity isn't doing its job lol.
    15. sizida

      My is a little less invasive relaxing regime LOL.

      lol at least you know i am sick -_-
    16. sizida

      i pushed too hard on myself as i want to see results, i should relax a little.

      hmm weekend huh? ok.

      so what if they cut the internet connection? it is not as bad as my flu!
    17. sizida
      peter! if you can go to chatroom will be nice.

      but isn't it is late for you now?

      i am sick on april fool. not even funny...
    18. ClassicSG
    19. ClassicSG
      great, now get back on the xats and skype
    20. sizida
      i love explosion! if your lecturer allows lol.

      yeah still training but getting nowhere near my peak performance. uni, uh i am doing for 4 years lol.

      how about your manly sport?
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  • About

    um...the world of pokemon?
    Favourite Pokémon:
    in high school-AND ROCKIN OUT

    All football codes, games and pokemon


    Claims: Dragonite (The Red Ones... YES THEY EXIST) Songs: Tribute(by Tenaciuos D) Feel Good Inc.(by Gorillaz) Holiday(by Green Day) Eye of the Tiger(by Survivor) Final Countdown(by Europe) and Tubthumping(by Chumbawumba)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] My Favourite Pokes [​IMG] http://i54.*******.com/r0s1gy.gif [​IMG]
    Yes, I am awesome, thank you for noticing​