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Master of All
Last Activity:
Feb 21, 2016
Oct 4, 2008
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Master of All

Call me Peter..., from um...the world of pokemon?

Master of All was last seen:
Feb 21, 2016
    1. sizida
      lol so what the course has stopped? first time i heard!

      currently 3rd year in uni, still swimming hard and playing pokemon occasionally because i do not have much time to relax.
    2. sizida
      come back more often boohoo lol!
    3. whitesoul13
      Uh hey remember me?
    4. Frank142
      Happy new year Peter.
    5. sizida
      peter! shall we continue vm chatting? :D
    6. sizida
    7. emilyshortcake
      hai hawt stuff
    8. ZFXZFX
      Awesome ^.^ Same here, NSW is super kool.
    9. ZFXZFX
      Haha, we both failed when it comes to countries XD But, anyways, Aussies FTW!!

      What state are you from?
    10. ZFXZFX
      Nah, I've always been Australian, Haha!! But you can call me American still if you must. ^.^

      But you're American though aren't you?
    11. ZFXZFX
      Awesome, Australia FTW!! I still haven't been to QLD actually.

      12, lol. But i'm in Year 7 (Turning 13 in December) and everyone thinks i'm about 15 though.
    12. sizida
      fed the kangeroo, ate kangeroo meat, fed an ostrich, bought an ostrich egg and ate it, visited Rottnest island, Fremantle, Harbour town. though the most of all was school. lol weekday classes. very very spacious than my country's. and peaceful lol.
    13. ZFXZFX
      Nothing much, just chilling and reading random stuff ^.^

      Hows your life going?
    14. ZFXZFX
      HEY! Your back!! Or maybe you got back before me...

      But anyways, Hey ^.^
    15. sizida
      LOL welcome back!

      i just returned yesterday from Perth. nice place! hot in afternoon and cold at night lol. and alot of nice people there but i avoided the pubs area.
    16. sizida

      lol nothing. i am back from inactive!
    17. Purple_BlitzXD
      Lol no problema ^^ and no worries~
      Tis what i'm here for :D
    18. Purple_BlitzXD
      Hey, no worries ^^ if you think something is fishy/etc. don't hesitate to speak up especially when it comes to clan credits~
      as for you creds, tell Bgp as he is your group leader, if I am not mistaken D:
      I'll still bring it up though, but yeah each group leader takes care of their own member's credits ^^
    19. sizida
      LOL good one!

      there are some idiots visiting my page and say stupid stuffs. you can report them lol. oh say something nasty to them hehe.
    20. sizida
      close to a month -_-
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  • About

    um...the world of pokemon?
    Favourite Pokémon:
    in high school-AND ROCKIN OUT

    All football codes, games and pokemon


    Claims: Dragonite (The Red Ones... YES THEY EXIST) Songs: Tribute(by Tenaciuos D) Feel Good Inc.(by Gorillaz) Holiday(by Green Day) Eye of the Tiger(by Survivor) Final Countdown(by Europe) and Tubthumping(by Chumbawumba)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] My Favourite Pokes [​IMG] http://i54.*******.com/r0s1gy.gif [​IMG]
    Yes, I am awesome, thank you for noticing​