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Master of All
Last Activity:
Feb 21, 2016
Oct 4, 2008
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Master of All

Call me Peter..., from um...the world of pokemon?

Master of All was last seen:
Feb 21, 2016
    1. sizida
      hey peter. is it fine with you to guard my profile when i am gone?

      just don't post s** stuffs and make sure there are no trolling and spamming in my profile. you are free to report them IF necessary.
    2. sizida
      hmph -_-

      i still don't want to think about it. that is for you to fantasize lol.
    3. sizida
      lol i don't want to think about it!
    4. sizida
      yeah? but not everyone is as open as you do. lol this is pokemon forum, so no need to talk about that so many times haha!
    5. sizida
      not everyone are as old as you here LOL.
    6. sizida
      boohoo. you let other people question why you replied to me like that lol.
    7. sizida
      you no need to tell me that -_-"

      yeah but mostly is the sweet stuffs that are acidic. like sport drinks.
    8. lucarioisawesome
      i made your banner. Fing it at KB3's shop.
    9. sizida
      she doesn't want to come to your house? lol.

      and lol eat too much sweet stuffs?
    10. sizida
      lol that's you! is it a normal dentist check up?

      yes the assignments are hard but still manage to finish them the best i could.

      and lol your gf must be really shy.
    11. sizida
      not now hehe.

      anyway how is your day? i finished 2 projects already. one physiology, another one is biomechanics yay!
    12. sizida
      well when i edited my profile title then you know!
    13. sizida
      oh yeah. i will be away again. this time is a long one.
    14. sizida
      lol. just a figure of speech.
    15. sizida
      lol! i haven't read yaoi for a long time now.

      hehe. but weird people are nice too. uh not that nice but weird.
    16. sizida
      i prefer both. because they are both pedophiles who favour young guys.
    17. sizida
      LOL! but i lol more for dumbledore vs gandalf haha.
    18. sizida
      oh well it is over.

      still need painkiller...
    19. sizida
      lol gross you say that here.

      hmm still oozing and tmw is the removal of the stitches -_-''

      not so painful now but tmw the pain will be back...
    20. sizida
      lol. doesn't want to imagine it.

      life source means the red fluid.
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  • About

    um...the world of pokemon?
    Favourite Pokémon:
    in high school-AND ROCKIN OUT

    All football codes, games and pokemon


    Claims: Dragonite (The Red Ones... YES THEY EXIST) Songs: Tribute(by Tenaciuos D) Feel Good Inc.(by Gorillaz) Holiday(by Green Day) Eye of the Tiger(by Survivor) Final Countdown(by Europe) and Tubthumping(by Chumbawumba)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] My Favourite Pokes [​IMG] http://i54.*******.com/r0s1gy.gif [​IMG]
    Yes, I am awesome, thank you for noticing​