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  • Hi-ho My sprite shop is like if you want a sprite custom or oh just click on the wooper on my sig! I cant take down gymleaders as i dont have wi-fi....boo-hoo;(
    Hi, long time no speak How are you?
    Ive set up my own spriting shop so come and visit(click on wooper on sig)
    I need the requests at the minute!
    unfortunatly, no. I have quite a line up already, and I doubt I'll get to all of them today. Tomorrow, PM me, like 2 hours before this time, but tommorrow.
    You can attach the TM to anything you want. :) Doesn't bother be.

    Would you like to trade now? My friend code is in my sig. What's yours?
    Hello. I noticed you were looking for a Sableye. I've got one, but I'm not really looking for pokemon right now. I'm mainly looking for a Drain Punch TM. If you'd be willing to trade your TM for it, I can trade you.
    Ahh, roaming pokemon are annoying. Ijust saw them them got them of gts. I still have my myspritet-sp- wondering 'round like a ghost!
    Ah. long story, the hub we have has wap signal, the one the ds doesnt surport, and we got it changed in febuary. Ive tried leeching of somje other persons signal wep, but it has lock on and of course i dont know the code! If used to see lots of shinys on gts, but you could always tell which ones where hackes.l Some one swapped me a level 29 cleffa for a level 100 shiny zubat,caught in a masterball, at level100 that cleffa was just a tester to see of gts worked!
    Humehnahumehnahumehna, it is hard to chain. my newest one was skitty and that was caught on the begining on november, if you practise more, than i find you get better. Its easy just to surf gts for easy trades. Cant do that sice feburary though, poor crobat
    eHH , People who say grow-up usually, arent much fun at parties. Everybody needs a kid inside them, waiting for them to burst out like in alien vs predator,Anyways, ive had to make pretty hard decisions but nobody really grows-up
    ps, it wasn't a stupid question!
    No. Im 14, and still play pokemon. Im predected to get like A*s in my english, drama and maths and people tell me to study hard and that lot, but i still love messing around. its part of the human species not wanting to grow up. Though i do think there is a time where you have alot of responabitily and have to grow up. Some of my friends are 15-16 and they still like stuffing crisps up there noses...
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