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  • You need to catch up. Then again, the season just ended, so maybe you should try to delay finishing as much as possible so you don't get withdrawal symptoms :p
    I see your point about video games.
    Yeah, even though I do not have much personal experience with that type of community, I am glad that my friends find places where they feel accepted.
    I am pretty good at FPS's, which is where I met the console video game friends.
    My internet friends are involved with LGBT stuff as well. I encourage their involvement, along with their other interests.
    Yay for progress.
    It was through the regular computer internet, but I have meet a few nice people through video game internet as well.
    Yay for trying to improve laws to help people.
    Also, yay for the internet. About my friend, long story short, she introduced me to some of her internet friends, who soon became mine as well.
    Wow. Must be a confusing law.
    Nice to your meeting good people! I have met most of my good friends through the internet, mostly due to my real life best friend.
    I know very little about politics/making laws, but that sounds odd.
    Ah, computers. So useful for communicating with others around the world.
    What. You are nearing something that your laws says you cannot do, and you cannot really fix it due to said laws. Ok then.
    Yeah, online things like that are good. I took some online college courses back in high school, and they worked out really well for me.
    I hear that many parts of the world are going through hard financial times.
    Those volunteer positions sound good. I have done some volunteering jobs before as well.
    New Zealand could work out well for you though.
    Puerto Rico? Cool. Perhaps something like what you suggested would work for now.
    If you ever get the chance to travel, perhaps you could fine some place that likes art.
    I am actually looking into jobs as well, both for now and for when I get out of college.
    I have a few friends who like to draw as well. Some of them are studying it in college.
    I hope that you are able to find what you want soon though.
    So I take it you are not in any type of university/college due to your problems. Hopefully they get better soon.
    Fine arts sounds nice. I was in some in high school, but I only took one college course in it. (It was a required type of course.)
    I am sure you will find something that you care about doing.
    Perhaps something that you study could be it.
    Perhaps you have other interests that you enjoy spending your time doing.
    Either way, having a high level of interest can be important in getting things done.
    True. If you are going to follow your interests, it is better to do good than to not really try.
    Yeah, doing things you like typically make you seem less lazy (for me at least).
    Getting something done that you will accept is also a good idea. You can make it even better at another time.
    I may seem less lazy, but when it comes to things I do not like doing, I am very lazy XD.
    I get your feelings for perfection regarding writing. I feel like my stories typically go quite well, but they often need some revisions after some of the drafts.
    Of course if you never start anything (even for fear of not getting it perfect), you will never finish anything :p.
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