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  • If you can have many of them, can I have one shaymin?
    I'm not american, so I can't get one.
    yeah you can get as many of them as u want on one game carterage just collect, trade and reset on the other i was just wondering if u could trade me one because they dont have the event in aus?????
    I just want to commend you on your wish to help out those of us who are not able to get events for various reasons. You are showing what true gaming should be about.
    Well, I need to get the National Dex first in Pearl so I can migrate. I've been working on getting the legendaries in Emerald with good natures for awhile while pretty much ignoring Pearl. So, if you want to make me an offer that's fine but it'll be a bit before I have them ready. I currently own 31 Jirachis in Emerald.
    Hey, lets up the trade for later on today (saturday now as it's past midnight) for some reason I kept getting dced from the trade. But yeah it should be fine later on and we can then get the trade going.
    U just need to go to the 1st page of the club
    So, u choose the on u wanna, and take its URL below it
    So, u just need to take the *s off and it´ll be at ur sig
    From Anti-cloning Club:

    Welcome to our cause
    U just need to add a banner to ur sig
    Leebui, the owner, will add u as an official member if u add it
    Be active with us
    Yeah, I still have plenty of Shieldon left. I'll accept pretty much anything post-national dex. I'm pretty new too.
    hey, i sent you a little faq that i send to people new to chaining. Hopefully it isnt too confusing. Ask questions if you dont understand stuff. Cya
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