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  • "Hello, today I am going to review this game, it is terrible! As always, I am giving you guys only the facts, so if you don't like it take your opinions else where.

    The first thing i notice is this game is a rip off of heart gold and soul silver, this game is the same thing but with worse graphics. The graphics are inferior to halo reaches graphics. Why rip off a game with better graphics and just make the graphics much worse? Seriously, type in halo reach into pictures then type in pokemon gold and silver, you will notice how much better reaches graphics are.

    So i start the game and get my starter, in the last game grass was best type so i chose grass again. But the first gym was flying! I died so many times, as always these games are way too hard! They need to make it possible. I am the best player ever and i had such a hard time on this, i can't imagine what noobs would do against this gym!

    The next gym was just as bad! This game is way too hard! I finally got an eevee before the 3rd gym but like pokemon yellow, eevee didn't defeat everything due to glicthes. I just quit there because eevee is the best pokemon ever and makes the game possible. So i quit there and went back to playing reach."

    Could I buy some pot from you?

    Gold and Silver was almost a DECADE before HeartGold and SoulSilver. It was also a Decade before Halo reach. Plus, it was on the Gameboy Color. WHAT THE **** DO YOU EXPECT!!!

    Second, there are plenty of good Pokemon that can beat the first gym, mostly anything besides Bug, Grass, and Fighting Pokemon should be fine.

    Finally, Eevee is a completely rubbish design and you're an idiot for thinking otherwise.
    Btw, do you happen to have a Cyndaquil, Chikorita, or Piplup for trade?

    Btw, CoD is better than Halo ;)
    Why are you asking this on a pokémon forum to begin with?!
    What, they banned you on the Halo forum that you go to?
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