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Feb 26, 2014
Jun 4, 2008
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January 4
Where my Dragon Army is...

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Manly Eybrows!, from Where my Dragon Army is...

MasterCharizard15 was last seen:
Feb 26, 2014
    1. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Mostly did RPs. Friend left so I got bored and followed suit.
      Oh, it was loads of fun. I definitely recommend not trying it ever under any circumstances :)
      Better. It's still sore, but the cut is healed completely.
    2. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Ok... will make a new Tumblr so we can talk on there... once I can type properly again.
      Accident with an electric hedge trimmer. Eight stitches. Not fun.
      I will be... in about a week.
    3. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      blehblehblehSkypeblehblehbleh Hi. Almost lost a finger today. I now suck at typing.
    4. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      why u no here no more *sadface* :((((
    5. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      CurseBreon is badly outclassed by CurseLax and Bulk Up Scrafty. Furthermore, it gets eaten alive by Cobalion and Heracross, both of which can easily switch into and set up on a CurseBreon, and it's pure setup bait for Scrafty, especially the Bulk Up set. Finally, it's too weak in terms of power now. Payback isn't strong unless you get multiple boosts behind it, and it got nerfed this generation since its power no longer doubles on the switch. Frankly, Umbreon is best used as a Tank and WishPasser. Foul Play is also superior to Payback on those sets, because it deals greater damage the higher the opponent's Attack stat. Smogon just hasn't updated it yet.
      Hmm, cool.
      Meh. Could be better. I'm tired and cranky with my english professor, but I'll manage. You?
    6. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      They're studying Badass 101 at Smogon University XP

      Lol, that's what Thunderbolt is for!
      My thoughts exactly :/
      ...wait, can't you just bring me back to life? I've seen you do it before.
      Seismitoad, Ice Beam! *facepalm* Seismitoad, right.

      Also, get this: I'm now #6 on the UU Leaderboard on Pokemon Showdown.
    7. Eon Master
      Eon Master

      You guess? You have a special attack stat. I... don't.
      Doesn't work. God dammit.
      Your mess, your cleanup.
      That's what Emboar/Palpitoad are for.
    8. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      The dean of the college.

      Meh. Your stat spread is better.
      Sending... or not. It's not leting me send.
      *dies* XP
      He doesn't really need it. His bulk is pretty awesome, tbh.
    9. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Totally not my fault. I need a goddamn education.

      Mine is Speed Boost. Yours... is Blaze or something, I think. Or Anger Point. Idrr, we went over this once.
      Yeah... ditto Bleach >.> Also, the Wave mission is serious nightmare fuel at points. Want me to send what I've got so far? (just past the first battle with Zabuza, they don't even know that he's still alive yet).
      Kai- Oh Crap.
      I much prefer Escavalier myself. I mean, Base 135 Attack and Megahorn?
    10. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      ...college living, apparently.

      Dream World? And yes, but For Want of a Nail + Nightmare Fuel style.
      Sure, feel free. I'll take Mightyena. *hugs wolfy-looking Pokemon*
    11. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      *rolleyes* No, not you. My Pokemon.

      Some sleep and a way to write this damn Naruto plot overview thing a little faster would be a good start. I'm only partway into the Wave Mission so far.
      And the hood. And yeah... that's the highlight. *rolls eyes*
    12. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      *pets Umbreon* Calm down guys.

      I don't need no stinkin' recovery!

      Well, at least it has speed now.
      Well, despite it looking like an evil ghetto-lizard, yeah.
    13. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      *pulls Umbreon off* *sighs* My life is hell... every day.

      Typically, fiends are quite fiendish, so yeah, I kind of am.

      ...no. Dragonite's Attack stat is 134. Salamence's is 135. and Hax-r-us has an Attack stat that soars to an ungodly 147. However, there is one that is effectively stronger. Hustle Zweilous, with a functional Attack stat of 152. Stronger than frigging Rayquaza and only outclassed by Black Kyurem where Outrage is concerned.
      Hmm... that's not too bad, but still. Not worth it, really.
      It's a fighting arena. So he literally lives within his craft. And yeah, but Marshall isn't stupid enough to use the weaker move on an oppertune target.
      Mhm. I'll send you a PM.
      Scrafty is an absolute joy to use. Bulk Up/Drain Punch/Crunch/Substitute and Moxie absolutely wrecks everything in-game.
    14. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      ...ok no. Just stop. Please. For the love of god.

      *takes* >:)
      Speaking of hitting harder, do you know what the Pokemon with the strongest non-Uber Outrage in the game is?
      I know. It's sad.
      ...have you seen his arena? Mienshao gave me problems because it's so much stronger than most of my team. And I use Volt Switch on my Zebstrika, so I don't have that issue. Swoobat laughs at Close Combat or whatever it tries to pull out against me, then outspeeds and KOs with Air Slash/Psychic easily.
      Hey, are you interested in Naruto at all? Because I'm trying to put a difficult fic together.
    15. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      ...Right. You're totally going to catch an eight-thousand pound fighter aircraft armed with six fifty-caliber machine guns. I will open fire.

      Definitely. I've actually had people ragequit from it. ...You can't support a team with an ability that is useless unless the specific Pokemon is out on the field. Hail gets less love recently. And there's good reason for the lack of sun; frankly, Drought ruined Ninetales. It was perfectly capable and even fantastic in UU last gen, but now it's way out of its league in OU. It just doesn't have the bulk or power that Politoed does.
      I saw that.
      I don't even watch Best Wishes. I stopped after the Sinnoh League Victors saga ended. Tobias just ended my interest utterly.
      Too gung-ho, but effective and his Mienshao is a pain in the ass. Has manly eyebrows.
    16. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      *starts climbing barrel roll* No! Leave me alone! XD

      ...I don't even know where to begin here... so I'll just take a Caramel Frappuccino to go.
      Meh. Aerodactyl makes a decent Heatran counter in Sandstorm with it, plus it's useful if you use Sub/Roost/Stone Edge/EQ with Life Orb. Gives opponents fits trying to get rid of it. True, but Unnerve really has no use because that strategy isn't used against Aerodactyl at all. Ever.
      Lol. Yeah, they do. Oh screw the vampire, nobody except that whore loves him. ...I told them avoid that kind of thing. The night they got into the energy drinks was bad enough.
      Meh. Ok, Ash sucks. This isn't new.
    17. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      *split-s reversal* Run awaaaaaaay!

      ...logic is my job, bro.
      *Espeon has Magic Bounce, not Magic Guard* ...it isn't. Pressure is a great ability, and Rock Head actually does something. Unnerve is useless since Pinch Berries are unreleased.
      ...ok, first of all, Shiny Pokemon glow. Get used to it. Second, Shiny Umbreon have gold eyes, not red. Thirdly, sparkles are not flashy. They're girly.
      Meh, evolution = massive power boost and a total energy refresher in Anime. I can see how he did it if the battle had been going on for a while.
    18. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      *flies above the cloud layer*

      Replace "can never" with "will always" and I might agree xD
      I wish. Only Magic Guard users :/
      *eyetwitch* I said flashy, not sparkly...
    19. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      *takes off in F4F Wildcat*

      ...I think you lost the plot.
      Instead he 4x resists it.
      Contests, maybe. I always did like putting on a good show. Plus, it's flashy. I can do flashy.
    20. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      *runs for cover*

      ...wait, what?
      Yep. That craptastic SpD and his lackluster movepool both do him in. Every set he has will be inferior to Terrakion or Virizion; SD is inferior to both, CB is inferior to Terrakion, CM is inferior to Viri (and remember, that set sucks to begin with). It can't mix well, and literally the only advantage it has over either is its defensive typing, which is debatable because Viri has great defensive typing as well. In UU, it's fine, decent even. In OU, fat chance. Yeah... granted, people sucked at using him last Gen, but I get your point. It's UU now, and mainly sticks to straight RestTalk or Choice Band; Curse has become almost impossible to set up effectively.
      ...only a year? Lol. I guess... try to become the champion of whatever region I happened to be in? What else do people do there?
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    Where my Dragon Army is...
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