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  • ...I refuse.

    He's more insulting Rouga and just being sarcastic to something you said. I think I have an idea though... meh, I want to try and write up my new fic idea and see how it works. Nah, she's more the "pout and pretend she's offended" route.
    Cobalion is actually the worst of the three. Haha, I've been doing it since gen 3.
    Luster Purge and Inferno. Just because they look cool @ anime depictions of them are awesome.
    ...complete and utter doom the likes of which the world has never seen outside of fanfiction.

    Granted, if they're simple, they're generally not as good.
    If you do that, it's obvious that you don't have a better comeback. Also, kusari's opponent is female and it wasn't an insult-fest, it was him being pervy.
    I try to avoid Timid on Virizion. CM Viri sucks really badly. I get Hasty for Mixed Work Up or Jolly/Adamant for SD.
    ...I'd rather not...

    Uh... NO.
    I blame you and kusari's characters. You for being unable to come up with a good reply to Noctal's snarking, and kusari for being so funny he derailed his opponent's ability to reply.
    Maybe eventually. I'm replaying White, so it'll be a while yet.
    Ok then.
    ...rumor mills suck. And I am not Ant. I cannot summon my children to the past via time travel.

    Rouga is more or less a combination of the two, now that I think about it. He's got the majority of the Pragmatic Hero's traits, but he's vicious and has little or no problem with killing enemies, and will kill innocents if he deems it necessary.
    No, you are not. My birthday hasn't happened yet since you left xD
    God, don't even talk to me about fanfics right now. I seriously want to murder my Bleach fanfic, and the Pokemon one got dropped a long time ago.
    *raises eyebrow* Ok then. I choose to believe you.
    ...you weren't gone for nine months. I couldn't have had kids in that kind of timespan anyway.

    Eh... aside from having to totally redesign the Bankai to prevent overpoweredness, swell.
    Newly, yes. ...I don't see how he can be classed as Type 2. Type 2 gripes but does the right thing anyway. Rouga often does the outright wrong thing just for the sake of his plans or for the greater good. As for the Type 4 thing, the critical distinction between type 3 and the later types is the willingness to kill. Type 3 generally saves that for a last resort; Rouga is willing to kill and even torture just to achieve his ends, he just has occasional moments of "weakness" in which he can't bring himself to do it.
    Maybe Pragmatic Hero then?
    ...my birthday is in October.
    ...and you remembered my name and still conveniently didn't remember who I was?

    Ahh, suckish. S'okay, I'll just... fix up the old one I have on my computer.

    Btw, what kind of antihero do you think Rouga qualifies as? I'd say Type III, but he's kinda viscous for that.

    Maybe Nominal Hero fits better?
    Lol, MC. Did your Torterra use Amnesia or are you just having one of those moments?

    Also, as for not finding it, check your PM inbox. Unless you cleaned it out in the last... six months or so, you should still have it.
    LOL, told you so.
    Nope, need to clean out my profile. Badly.
    Perhaps you'd like to check out my sibling's profiles instead? Amara. Kirio.
    Hell to the no.
    Nope. I've forgotten everything I ever learned in High School.
    Yeah, mine really don't tend to last much, it seems. You should see how many one-chapter premises I have up on FF.net.
    Eh, thanks. Probably going to end up surpassing it with one of the last chapters, though.
    ...what I need is a way to travel back in time and repeat my school years so I actually learn study skills the RIGHT way.
    Yeah, true.

    It's the biggest damn chapter I've ever written. Ever. For anything.
    ...what the hell.
    In the sequel, yeah. He's not going to be quite as bloodthirsty and depraved as in your fic, or as in Dreams of the Claws.

    *wipes mouth* Thank you.
    Thanks. It's probably the biggest, at least. Well, maybe Golde's is bigger, but his chapters are pretty short.
    xD That comment was so win. SO win.
    Thank you. No, moving our deadlines forward.

    But... but... you... emo... arrrrgh... *frothing at the mouth*
    Hell yes. I like your fanfic.
    Yes... that and my psychology professor being a *****.
    Meh. I actually prefer the old style. Green is not my color.

    Wait, what? You + emo corner... does not compute.
    Yuuuuuup xD
    Well thank god for that. Yours is entertaining.
    Sucky as hell and I think I'm going to die.

    Lol, Ant in the Emo corner is something that should never happen. Ever. At all.
    It would be nice, but you don't HAVE to.
    Hey. Check the new chapter. It came with an omake this time.

    ...yes, I actually wrote something entirely based on comedy.
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