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  • ... *selects Destruct Materia* *Level 3: DEATH*

    You missed my second line, eh? Try highlighting the second line of my last VM.

    Thank you, kind sir :)
    Also, just found a theme for Gintakai: Your Betrayal by Bullet For My Valentine

    It starts at about 0:10 seconds. Be careful how high you have your volume up, because this is loud.

    Also, seizure warning. That video is incredibly flashy.
    PLEASE tell me that's being included in your fanfic. PLEASE. I just laughed myself to death. TWICE.

    Well, it's true.



    Not really. Tried writing a way for Ash to beat out Tobias in the Sinnoh league, but it's harder than you'd think.
    Fanboying. Stalking. Carrying Blue around on your shoulders. Well, ok, I can imagine the last one, just not without dissolving into a massive laughing fit.

    *collects* >D

    Meh, put it aside for now. Too many good ideas atm xD
    I'm sure.

    I meant thanks for the hat, lol.

    Played through White as Hilda (the girl) just for the hell of it, and decided that it made for a better story that way. It gave me some inspiration. Plus, as I said, school is getting to me.
    You're probably right.

    Yeah, thanks.

    ...you know that school is getting to you when you're writing a fanfic in the first-person POV of the opposite gender.
    They need to get a life. Or at least buy Sims or something.

    Midterms. If anything, they're worse because there's no lull for study time right beforehand, even if it's not cumulative review.
    I picked up enough bad habits while I was in freaking elementary school, let alone anything else.

    The 1987 movie "Wall Street" (pretty damn good movie, actually), and how it relates to the modern-day Occupy Movement.
    What college needs is four classes a semester instead of five or six.

    Gah. The worst part is, it's due tomorrow... or rather, today, lol.
    Holy crap.

    I'm ok. Listening to the remix of the ending credits to Black/White helps me get through writing stuff (not Bleach, unfortunately). Want a link?

    Ok, more insane.

    No, and congrats.
    -_- Well if that's how you feel about it I won't show you your new theme ;)

    Ikr. Still, it's epic enough, despite the sizable gap between the amazing parts.
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