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  • "...even bashing on Buizel and Floatzel"


    How?! Buizel and Floatzel are awesome! Especially Floatzel. It always look Cajun to me, like it is about to say: "Hey, son, you wanna try mah gumbo?".
    And that's why they're so successful. Terrorists get their butts hunted down eventually, but the mafia/crime lords can bribe police officers and remain in hiding longer.

    I think Giovanni's already a dictator in a way. He wants world domination in the end, after all XD.
    Eh. I think Giovanni is the most clever of them all, due to him hiding behind a mask of a businessman (how else did he get the money outside of black markets?) and a gym leader. Everyone else announces their names and show their faces to everyone and announce what they're going to do. Team Rocket remains in the shadows and blends in with other people.
    Yeah, the anime isn't that great, so that's why I prefer Mewtwo over everyone else. I also believe Giovanni's the better of the organization leaders, even if Ghetsis is the most monstrous.
    Ah, yes, I've seen you around the Entertainment forum. Thought the Floatzel avatar was recognizable X3.

    My favorite Pokémon are a tie between Mewtwo and Mew, though I lean toward Mewtwo more because of his tragic backstory and way better character development than most other characters in the anime.
    Hmm... I don't remember seeing you around. If you still want the friend request, we'll have to chat first, is that okay?
    Oh, well I'm not really good at using another language myself, lol. I was never fond of world language courses. I'm taking French in High School, and it's harder to get high grades this year.
    Yeah, that would be a problem for me as well. I've been reading a few books on the language, but I haven't had much time to actually study much of it. Actually, I've learned few of the words from the Japanese Pokemon episodes! lol
    I've always wanted to create my own plush toys, but I could never find the time to try it out... Maybe next summer. xD

    Yeah, there were most likely things in the Pokemon Center before that I would've wanted to get today, but now it's too late for any of it. Sigh, oh well, I could try looking online again.
    Pretty much. Yeah, I kind of hated how the NYC Pokemon Center became a general store. I used to go there a lot to buy Pokemon merchandise and go to all these events for the GBA games. I miss those days, but oh well. Life goes on. And I've always wanted to try out that online store in Pokemon.com, but I never got the chance. :\
    Yeah. I'm also kind of annoyed at how little cool Pokemon toys and plushes are available internationally. I have yet to find ones of many fully-evolved Pokemon. This is why I want to go to Japan so that I can find a ton more options! lol
    Well in the start of every generation, they show the first-released Pokemon of a new generation (starters and legendaries), and I guess they just stuck with it. I'm sure they're trying to target new, younger audiences into Pokemon as well, so showing the first revealed Pokemon of a new generation would probably be an easier way of attracting them.
    Yeah, it is kind of weird when you think about it. They already have an adorable-looking Pokemon (Pikachu) to be on the merchandise, not to mention as the mascot for the franchise. Maybe they should go for a tougher-looking one in products as well, just for a change. Maybe not Samurott, but something that has a good deal of popularity. Well, Charizard is one that comes to mind, but it's pretty much too late for it, since we've already moved on to newer generations a looonnng time ago...
    Lol, true. I used to get so annoyed that Ash would just suddenly turn the battle around for a lot of his matches, especially in Kanto. Plus, some gym leaders just gave him a badge without getting officially beaten. No skill, whatsoever.

    I guess that's also why some people like Ash's other Pokemon a lot more than Pikachu. :p
    Oh, I must have been thinking of the side main characters' specials. Yeh, Ash literally isn't maturing at all. xD

    I never really understood the whole Pokemon Master thing. Just seems like Ash is exploring the regions and getting more Pokemon for his Dex, like what the main goal for the games is. He doesn't seem to be making his previous Pokemon any stronger either..
    Well yeah, It'd be cool to see another protagonist other than Ash, even for just one or two seasons (they don't seem to make those specials much anymore). Though I don't really mind Ash, either. :p
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