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  • You too?! I'm the same way! If I don't play for awhile, I get really rusty and it takes me a bit before I start playing normal again. I usually lose the first match I have (I had two matches earlier. The first I lost, second I won) but get into a groove right after.
    You say that, but you're pretty solid man. Remember, you always beat me in tournaments. I still have that battle vid from the RU toury. ;)
    Thanks! I was trying to go with some unorthodox stuff with this new team. The other team I had was more aggressive I think, but had a couple hard walls/weaknesses that had me in a losing streak over passerby. I wouldn't have thought you were rusty, you played well. :)
    Thanks! Gg to you too! Your one mon that set up really scared me. I like your elite team though, can't wait for a rematch soon!
    I would be up for that. If I haven't gone completely MIA this weekend. Bday on Monday and the only present I want is to be left alone and watch College Football in peace lol
    Thanks I really appreciated it! I just wish I could return the favor somehow, i know i gotta use zard in that league since hes my mascot, I am leaders of bug, dragon and flying if u wanna help with those I have only battled with flying and lost to whybuffet
    Here's a battle vid if this is your thing to watch battles u can see how I do G84G-WWWW-WW2M-ZYU9
    Thanks for showing me on the recorder seems weird u gotta be online for that
    well it's just not that league, i been doing really bad in all 4 that i am, you can help if you like maybe that's what i need, also do u happen to know how to get the # so someone can watch my battle,i have it saved, this is in ORAS, i went to vs recorder but couldn't find an option
    i just got lucky honestly, i got 6-0 by whybuffet using same team, i had a feeling u would lead with ur mega n would use the move u did, i'm probably leaving that league anyway, my team is crap, i've lost about 10 battles in a row i'm just tired of losing
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