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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • My left leg has been amputated and I'm currently facing an indictment for smuggling minors across state lines in a child labor ring. Also, I've been trading people Alakazams EV-trained in Attack and HP only!

    (Just kidding.)

    Hope you're well too~ ^_^
    Ah, Kenobi-sensei. *bows*

    It seemed like the forum needed a reminder to be nice and make the best out of life. u_u
    You don't seem very enthused, MasterKenobi. Did I misinterpret anything? =<

    Heh, what was your answer?
    Oh, sorry! But it's always nice to expand one's vocabulary. ^_^

    That sounds like a good relationship. They say the best relationships are the ones where you bring out the best in each other.
    Nice euphemism, MasterKenobi. ^_^

    It's even funnier when you consider that the woman is not usually the one doing the pounding. XD
    /gets giggly when awkward things are being talked about.
    Ahh, I remember being like that~
    Yes, these officials are just too slow on the uptake. You'd think they'd be able to take some initiative, but no. :/

    I just don't like when I can't see behind me. XP

    We're about to start that process in a few days. :D
    Hey, MasterKenobi, sorry. I have been neck-deep in Unova lately, and the VMs have been coming in pretty fast, as have the "needs mod attention" jobs around the forum. ^_^;

    Thanks for not giving up on me, lol. Hope you're well too!
    That's kind of what we're already doing, but look at all we're doing for ourselves. That's next to nothing.

    Um a little but I kind of don't know what else to say :p

    I just don't play them. XD I would rather get scared by a movie than a video game wherein I'm actually the player and it feels so real. :p

    Yeah, I think that's what I'll end up doing. There's SOOOO many options out there, it'd probably be impossible to just ask for one.
    Well first off I think we need to put a bit more effort into solving our own problems first. The economy, for instance?

    Yes. :p

    Yeah, that's the option I choose to take most of the time. If that's not an option, I'll hug walls and strafe left or right to get places. I take forever to get through FPS games. :p

    I'll be getting a new one for graduation later this year. It should hold up till then at least.
    Yes, I've seen world efforts where the US has contributed t the cause, but as far as the US doing anything firsthand, it's next to nothing.

    Yes, and that's perfectly fine. People can make comments n you based on how you think of yourself.

    UGGGGHHHHH BIOSHOCK...I was playing through it with a friend of mine and we were both looking up stuff online to see what was going to pop out from behind corners. As in, we would sit in the menu at a certain point fr up to fifteen minutes until we were absolutely certain nothing was going to jump out and attack. If it was, we'd spend a good while preparing just for that. :p Let's just say it was a very long playthrough.

    My laptop started falling apart D:
    Exactly. I mean, the last really major one was Haiti, and of course the U.S. did a lot to help there. I'm not sure why we've been so slow to respond to Japan now. :(

    In my mind, you can't be labelled "masculine", "feminine", "gay" or otherwise until you yourself say what you think you are.

    One of the only games I've ever had to do that for was Metroid Prime: Hunters because I got it when it first came out and I was a little freaked out by all the creepy environments. I still don't like FPS games because stuff could sneak up behind me D:

    It did. It was very busy :p
    Natural disasters of that scale just don't happen here in the U.S. And when they do, there's always organizations like FEMA that do their best to help. Japan doesn't have anything like that. :(

    Exactly. Masculinity and femininity are very subjective terms, I think. And I think that sweet persuasiveness would be creepy. Just sayin, haha~

    Haha, see, it makes you over-reliant. :p

    Oh, I gotcha. I never tried that so I was confused. XD
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