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  • Hey MasterKenobi~

    Unova's taking up most of my time, even if it is mainly boring breeding/Subway-riding/SRing right now. How about you?
    He's perfectly fine, home safe now. And it's just such a tear-jerking thing that those people are all so calm and collected about it all. That's their religion; to remain calm under pressure. I know I'd be a nervous wreck after a few days. :(

    I had a guy once try to insult me by saying I wasn't "a fraction of half the man" he was. Those insults don't get to me. Being gay has its perks. ^^ Haha, wow. They were forcing you to eat ice cream. That's almost sadistic.

    Exactly. That's why I don't use LPs.

    And this is going to drive me crazy trying to figure out what you're talking about. D:
    That's both good and bad. Good that JBiebs has died down, bad that look what had to happen for that to take place. My friend's dad had a flight to Japan that was scheduled to land 15 minutes after the earthquake hit. The flight was re-directed to Narita (Norita, idr what it is) and he ended up sleeping on a runway. The locals were absolutely terrified and he was feeling aftershocks and everything. :(

    I AM NOT. xD And LI? Im confus

    Just not as many that far out.

    Yeah. I realized I needed to do something like that after my disastrous first run with Ruby back when it first came out. I was 9 and stupid :p

    D: Good? Bad?

    I was actually introduced to the jamocha shake through an order mixup. I just wanted a chocolate one in which to dip my fries and it turned out to have a wonderful coffee-like vibe and I fell in love with it. :3

    Exactly. I don't like putting up with hyperactive servers and equally hyperactive people wanting a lvl.100 Arceus in exchange for a lvl.3 Zigzagoon.

    Like my friends. I'll glance at their game and see what point they're at, analyze their team a bit to determine how they got there, and see if they've got any pointers. They're pretty average players like myself, so it's pretty cool.

    And I'm not sure I remember mentioning food...re-enlighten me?
    He is...

    The best thing about Arby's is that they rarely screw up your order, and even when they do it's usually not a bad thing cuz everything on the menu is delicious. :3

    My birthday's in October. :p I'd rather wait, to be honest. I did, however, get SS for Easter, so that's good I suppose. I'll see what happens around that time. Haha~

    I usually don't like to follow tutorials or playthroughs. Idk about you, but I always find myself depending too much on them to finish the game by myself. I'm very particular. :p
    Unless they're 10. :p

    We'd all be faceless robots. :eek:

    Or Arby's. :3 although those are kind of few and far between in TN. :(

    Haha, well by the time I actually have the money, it'll probably be around mid-April, meaning I'd only have about a month to play them before I go off to work at camp. But hey, by the time camp's over in August, I'm sure at least one of the two local game stores will have done a markdown, so it's no big deal. I'd much rather wait and see how other people play the game first before I purchase them.

    Haha, don't we all?

    :D I prefer Sonic for my milkshake cravings. :3

    There's only a Wal-Mart and a GameStop around where I live. I don't feel that it's worth it to drive an hour and a half to the K-Mart in Memphis just to get the games. :(
    Yeah. Then I won't get accused of looking like him any more. :p

    I'll work on that. xD

    Oh don't worry, the last time I went to DQ was because there was absolutely nowhere else to go. It's not my favorite by a long shot.

    :D Sweetness. I'm waiting till GameStop or Wal-Mart does a markdown cuz I want to get both versions. :)
    Haha, that can't happen soon enough, can it?

    Yeah, then you'd kind of end up looking bipolar or something. One second you're all :D!!!! and the next you're all quiet and zen.

    I don't think I want to hear any more, thank you. *bleaches brain*
    Yeah. Still, jeez. I did not know

    I'm usually both. :3

    ....uh. That's...wtf....Dear god that is just....wrong

    I'll probably need it. xD
    I did not know she was 18. D:

    When is it not good?

    Um yes. That's kind of why I said "I must hear this story". XD

    It shall be done. *smug sideglance*
    Nice to meet you! Im actually reading some comics now, pretty awesome stuff! And as you know im Juniper, lol hopefully we become friends ^^
    O.O I thought they were both 16/17...And no worries. I may have the hair and the stature, but I'm not going Bieber. XP

    Well calm is good. :D

    I must hear this story. :3

    No, then we could actually get into some serious trouble. :p
    I thought he was going out with that Selena Gomez chick? And she's the same age as him. And "shawty" is some kind of rap slang for a hot girl. He says it in at least one of his songs that I heard before. Idk.

    Haha, at least you're adamant.

    Wow. A lactose intolerant person working at a DQ? I'm sorry, I had to laugh at that. I feel like a bad person. :p

    Well really the parents drop their kids off with the scoutmaster. It's the scoutmasters that dump them with the lifeguards.
    Same kid who made the thread about whether Ethan or myself is cooler. I don't know where these fans come from.
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