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  • Bieber's dating an older lady? I knew his "shawty" couldn't be any shorter than him. :/

    Yeah. It's kind of a scary thought though; one day, when we're old and senile, those kids we're calling short and rude now are going to be our government and business infrastructure. D:

    Aww. Too bad, you're missing out on all kinds of delicious cheese.

    Nooo, that's a bit counterproductive. ;)
    Not yet. I might do that later~

    Yeah. Kids keep getting shorter and ruder with every passing year.

    Or drink a glass of milk. :/

    It'd be even better to put a sign like that up at the public pool. XD
    Wow, that just.....wow. No words~

    That's kind of true, sadly. Most kids that age still don't understand the authority others have over them. They just think it's their parents and no one else can tell them what to do.

    Naw, PETA would only get involved if we were trying to make a puppy ice skate or something. :p

    ...I'm tempted to actually make the sign now... ._.
    These last few weeks have seen an uncanny upswing in the number of battle requests in my VMs...

    Not to mention the same unhappy result with any of the unsuspecting kids he traded hacked Pokemon to. You can't be dishonest with someone who doesn't know any better. Well, I guess you could, but it'd be even lower than being dishonest with somebody who was aware.
    Coco appearance?

    Ugh, if only the lifeguards at the pool did their job right.

    It wouldn't be endorsed by OSHA, for that matter. :/

    We need to put up a sign at our beach that says in big red letters "LIFEGUARD =/= BABYSITTER"
    Well, you can count me as one. ^_^

    Oh, that guy is cheap! Generosity's nice, but being generous with hacked Pokemon is still pretty crummy. =[
    Yeah. As much as I don't like him, I kind of feel sorry for him. :/

    Yes. Very sure. They finish the "workout" and still find the energy to run around the pool a bajillion times screaming.

    Or we could fill up like a tub with ice and water or something and make them submerge themselves for a specific amount of time. It'd probably be considered hazing though. But it would be worth it

    They sometimes do think we're like day care or something. We're just lifeguards. Not babysitters. Some people need to learn the difference.
    *aghast* Never!

    Nah, I beat a really nice guy from here. It was a pretty fun battle, but I 5-o'd him. =s
    Psh, all he needs to do is take one look at any music video on youtube. Somewhere, there will be something saying about how his music sucks compared to whatever the music genre the video is, no matter what genre, style, artist, song, etc.

    Oh trust me, they have plenty of energy.

    Oh, the water does get much colder than 60. It's just the air afterwards makes it even more chilly so your best bet is to actually stay in the water...

    They never want to go to their classes in the first place lol. They just need to be taught the priorities. Haha~
    I thought I was perusing a thread over at the Teletubbies forum for a moment, there.

    ... Not that I visit a TT forum. >_____>
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