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  • Poor, poor Mr. Bieber. One has to wonder how the poor kid feels about having so many people hate his guts.

    Yepp. :D

    Oh, we never get the out-of-shape kids. We get the skinny four-and-five-year-olds and they can hardly swim the length of the pool. I don't know how much they can enjoy it when they have to stop every ten feet.

    Well, our camp is in middle Tennessee, and the coldest it gets in the summer months is at night, and even then it only dips to around the low 60s. So to compensate for an early morning freezing-cold dip, we make them go on a five-mile hike at 5 in the morning. *more malicious laughter*
    I haven't seen the movie and I don't plan on doing it while I still have my sanity. XD

    Heck yes. I sure did.

    Haha, yeah, those kids can be annoying. There's a couple on the swim team that can hardly swim. Yes, you read that right. You'd think that'd be a requirement, no?

    And if by that, you mean "jump into freezing-cold water" then no, not at the summer camp. We wait till the Winter weekend camp. *malicious laughter*
    Is your other Pokemon site Bulbagarden? =0

    I don't think I have anything to say on behalf of our persona. =P
    What are you used to from your other site? And lol, yes, most of the time the people visiting here prefer fun (in some form) to social grace. XD

    I suppose that fits well enough. Most of the seemingly-harsh ones around here are actually pretty good people, Josh being one of them.
    Ah, I'm sorry. That's a big let-down, yeah. I guess it's lucky we've got wi-fi conectivity these days, but having a buddy nearby to talk shop with can't be totally replaced.

    Hehe, I was a little intimidated by him when I was new here too. It takes a while to grow a callus to brusque folks around here. ^_^;
    Ah, hoping to duck out of a particular femme's sight, I see. Sounds like you don't want to get caught between a Geodude and a hard place. I'd rather go with a friend or two than shy away from them, myself.

    One day, there will be a generation of converts to ProfesKenobism.
    Getting nervous, are you? Or just excited? The nearest one to me is still a while away, and I haven't yet found a confirmed ride. My nerves are stretching too, but for a different reason.

    Oh, I have so much advice to give, it's only lucky that we have a thread here where people can ask for it. ;P
    Haha, I don't sound anything like him though. I can sing like him if I make an effort though. XP And these past few DAYS? Try the past few YEARS of his life. Lol

    I worked at camp all summer, so I guess that's about as far away as I can get and still be in Scouts. And it was awesome.

    Psh, my troop never did that. We were always too busy and had too many new scouts. And yes, it can be fun to yell at them, but then usually they'll just keep doing it....over and over and over again. XP
    Yeah. And the way I have to keep my hair, it makes me look like Justin Bieber. Which can either be a good thing or a bad thing. :/

    It kind of is. Mine are both heavily involved in scouting, on various committees and such, so it can be kind of difficult to really open up if they're around.

    My troop was fortunate to have nearly all of the older boys get to the strong swimmer level. That made water sports much more enjoyable. And I was a lifeguard this past summer and was able to yell at them if they threw sand or something. Which they did. Frequently.
    Haha, I get called fourteen on looks alone. It's kind of fun, actually.

    Yeah, that could be. My parents don't get involved much with the team, so that's a plus, I suppose.

    Well, I guess you can have beaches on lakes. Rocky ones, but beaches nonetheless. And yes, they still do the swimmer's cards, but at least at my camp, we call the buddy tags. In order to get into the swimming area, you need to have a buddy and each of you must have a tag. It's just the lifeguard's and supervisor's way of knowing who's with who and who should be where at all time. Blue tags for strong swimmer, red tags for beginning swimmer, and white for nonswimmer. And black for lifeguards. :)
    Haha thanks, it's not that I'm desperate or anything though. I guess I was just confused at why there were so many pretty girls who just happen to be a little quieter an shyer but guys just overlook them. Thanks for the help! :)
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