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  • (chuckling) No need to worry about rambling. I think the nature of my interests would have necessarily made any explanation a long story, but on the whole, I am happy that you gave me an opportunity to explain my true support for Pearlshipping. As a possible measure of my current political awareness and orientation, it was George Walker Bush who first explained Iran and North Korea's joint ballistic and nuclear technology programs, consequently imprinting those two countries into my head as threats to the United States and its allies. Indeed, with the Korean Peninsula only a few hundred miles west of Japan, I have one more incentive to add Pokémon -- and perhaps anime in general -- into my political interests. I would have to admire the cuteness in Dawn's various outfits, from her normal pink skirt to those contest dresses, alongside her usual cheerfulness and confidence. If she and Ash can maintain their shared compassion and bravery during the Spear Pillar showdown, then I will be very happy. How about you?
    I purchased HeartGold, leaving my little brother to take up SoulSilver. I defeated Pryce at Mahogany Town earlier this evening, then doubled back toward Ecruteak City to begin taking on Jasmine and Chuck. If I seem rather amazed as I play through Johto, then the fact that I was never able to purchase Gold, Silver, and Crystal may help clarify my situation even further. Have you been able to think through the political events I described, especially their impact on my overall interest in Pokémon?
    No need to worry. I was just reflecting on my newfound interest in 24, as well as my alertness toward the Spear Pillar showdown, which should pick up speed this Easter weekend, no less. You can guess that my support for Jack Bauer would dovetail my admiration for Ash and Dawn's shared courage in any existentially dangerous situation, and with 24's series finale approaching, the excitement might only increase. Are you doing well at this moment?
    Oh nice.
    Yeah, I really love HG. I'm having a lot of fun with the game. I actually beat Pryce of Mahagony Town earlier so I have 7 badges now :D
    Yes, I do have an Espeon. If you want to see my team, look in my sig. I have a team pose in there.
    I didn't know what had become of Osama bin Laden in the years after the Taliban's fall, but as 2006 wore on, I considered Ahmadinejad and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards as having outdone bin Laden in rallying jihadists around the world against America and its allies. By Pokémon Diamond and Pearl's debut in 2007, I had assumed something of a one-person war footing, which perhaps endeared Dawn's enthusiasm and cheerfulness to me that much more. The rest is history from there... and perhaps the conclusion was inescapable. If I am truly a hard-core Pearlshipper, as you say, then I am so because the events influencing my political interests left me with no other viable choice.
    By the time my attention was starting to drift back to Pokémon, May was the new girl traveling alongside Ash, and then-President George Walker Bush had invaded Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein, end whatever weapons of mass destruction programs that old dictator still had, and democratize that country. May seemed friendlier to me than Misty did, and Drew's appearances rubbed me the wrong way more often than not. I might very well have tilted toward Advanceshippping over Pokéshipping and Contestshipping, but on December 16, 2005, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer sent out the first alert I remember to the American public about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's apocalyptic agenda. That story combined with the Muhammad cartoon riots mere weeks later and North Korea's ballistic missile tests on American Independence Day 2006 to decisively take my attention away from Pokémon even further, knocking both Advanceshipping and Contestshipping as concepts out of my mind in the process.
    (nodding grimly) Very well. I have been aware of the primary argument made by Pokéshippers, that Misty has a crush on Ash. I felt uneasy about her constant bickering with him, perhaps even more so when I learned of such an argument, first expressed through "Misty's Song". Misty seemed to be quite a romantic, teasing Ash about it in the process, so I imagine that Ash/Misty shippers were happy to see them together, even into Johto. However, the last major event I remember before stopped paying attention to Pokémon was Ash's victory against Whitney at her uncle's dairy farm. I suspected that something very, very big must have happened in my memory to turn my attention away from this show at that particular point in time, and sure enough, that event turned out to be the airplane jihad attack(s) of September 11, 2001, followed by the invasion of Afghanistan and the overthrow of the Taliban.
    I understand your comments, and in fact, they might actually remind me of my own Pokémon memories. I've paid attention to this show since its early days, but as a possible indicator of my current circumstances, my attention to Pokémon first started to drop... just as my political consciousness was activated for the first time. Would you like me to explain what happened?
    Hi There! ^^
    I'm doing good but I've been playing my HG game like crazy :D and I've gotten to Olivine City and I have 5 badges so far. Next mission, deafeat Jasmine and her uber Steelix.
    And you?
    (nodding alertly) I understand your comments. I typically think in terms of functions, in that Dialga and Palkia seem to me to be the closest things Pokémon has to actual weapons of mass destruction... at least in Team Galactic's hands. I would think that Ash and Dawn would be tremendously horrified to learn of such evil, then do everything they could to stop it from growing, and fortunately, I remember several thinkers and political figures who've influenced my political consciousness these past several years. Given these reflections on my part, out of curiosity, would you consider me a "hard-core" Pearlshipper?
    Hey there. I'm rather relaxed after a rather calm yet energetic event yesterday evening. Are you doing well today, and did my private message reach your inbox?
    (chuckling alertly) I see. Thank you for your compliment about my signature. You might be as surprised as the other Pearlshippers were to learn how I decided to pursue that course of action, and in fact, I sense an event set to take place in a matter of hours in my home city in testing the assumption I've developed. Would you mind if I private messaged you some key points about my political interests, including some reflections about that event, once I return later this evening?
    Hello. You may have seen me quite a few times on the current Pearlshipping thread, and you can probably guess that I support Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship rather... enthusiastically. Are you doing well?
    I see XD. I checked the very first Advanceshipping thread back in 2004. Man that thread was HUGE. If Pearl is destined to be canon, It must eclipse what Advance couldnt do. I actually never supported Advance because i used to support Pokeshipping. The reason I changed was because i was tired of Misty fans complaining and hurting dawn fans *smiles*.
    wow, a pearlshipper from 2006, im honoured to meet you:). i joined the pearl community last year, but im a hardcore pearlshipper myself.
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