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  • I just realized mine was in the PC so I have to disconnect anyway. I'll evolve it and be online again right after.
    I tried to get online earlier but it was giving me error messages and wouldn't let me connect. It's working now so the next time you're here, we should be able to trade!
    My Cosmoem is ready so we can trade! It's level 53 because when I tried to give it a rare candy, I accidentally hit "use" instead of "give" and I had to cancel the evolution lol.
    Thanks for letting me know about my inbox. I've been trading a LOT today lol. Okay then, that's good to know rare candies evolve now because the last time I tried was in 3rd gen. anyways it's fine if mine's not EV trained since I'm not going to use it competitively anyway. I'll go figure out how to catch mine so thanks for waiting :)
    I don't have that pokemon try reading my post first instead of wasting both of are time
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