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  • The actual dialogue was practically the exact opposite - Pansy told Viola not to be overconfident, because Satoshi is the kind of guy who's great about coming up with counterstrategies, and he's likely to have one ready when he returns for a rematch.
    It was explained multiple times in that thread.
    I assume it got deleted because it's against the rules to comment in these threads before the episode has started.
    But yes, they cause a lot of trouble. The episode 5 thread got incredibly derailed by a discussion about a conversation about "Ash losing because he was unprepared and overconfident", which didn't actually exist in the episode and was entirely fabricated by this "translator".
    They're horribly off mark, and they are going to ruin discussion on episodes if people talk about dialogue from them as actual dialogue that happened in the episode, since it'll just lead to endless corrections and clarifications from those people who actually understood the dialogue. We want to let people know not to trust them and not use them as an information source.
    I haven't removed any posts of yours, no. If one got removed, then yeah, it's probably because you said something you shouldn't have, though.
    Look at my friends list. I have only 37. I used to have 100 something but I removed most of them because I don't talk to them so there is no reason to keep them. Also, I realized that I don't have you, I don't know maybe I accidentally removed you sorry ._.
    There is a reason signature strikes exist. How would they exist if you could not fulfill the criteria by mistake? XD
    6. Spoiler Limit
    You may only have one spoiler in your signature, no exceptions. Also remember that anything inside the spoiler counts towards the other limits, so you cannot have an extremely tall signature or a huge image hiding within a spoiler.
    There you go. You could check it.
    Thanks, you're sigs generally are awesome, but this one is just best.

    An excuse to buy new shoes, yaoi, and a hot/kawaii chick?

    Best siggie ever.
    Lol, yeah, I just expected it cause Torchic is a chick, and it's literally hot.

    But the chick in your avvie is so kawaii :3
    Yup, you basically do.

    That hot chick sure is hot, though.

    Although I expected it to be a Torchic, wutevs.
    Number 3.

    Which means...

    OH NOEZ now cats will eat my shoes! I need an excuse to get new ones anyway, they're falling apart.
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