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  • Ohh sorry, totally missed you last message! But yeah I'm actually a bit busy right now so it's not a good time...
    Haha yeah, I really sped through it! The EXP Share made it all so much easier. I really liked the game, but for some reason it felt a bit... empty at places. And now, I don't really know what to do in the game (not much post-game stuff). But I still love it:) Maybe I should start filling the dex up. Kalos just seems so huge, it's almost difficult to take care of everything haha!
    I just got a Skrelp from the GTS - it is sooo much better in these games! So I don't really need help on it anymore, thanks anyway:)
    I only have Quilladin and Fletchinder as my main Pokémon at the moment, they're around level 18. The rest of my team is just random Pokémon which I level up and rotate until I find permanent members.... like Skrelp! haha
    Ohh, I see. Well, we can work that out later! Hopefully tomorrow is the day for me:)
    Hehe, that's great! Can't wait for my game to arrive... and thanks for the offer, but I haven't really planned on using a Hawlucha. I need a Skrelp though so if you have a spare one ready that would be great to have it straight from the start haha!
    Soo, how are you enjoying the game? I STILL haven't got my game in the mail, this is sooo annoying. If it doesn't come tomorrow then something must be wrong. Hoping for the best!
    Haha, now you're just testing my patience!:D And sure, I'll help you with anything as long as I get my game! I'm getting X, so that's a given. I really need a Skrelp in my team, so if you have Y, I might need you if I don't get it in-game somehow...

    And also, I need more friend codes if the Friend Safari really requires them!
    No no, not mean at all, I'm happy that you finally got the game. You must have been waiting as anxiously as I am right now :)

    Yes, let's keep in touch!
    Noo, I'm extremely jealous, haha!! I knew I shouldn't have bought it online, this always happens haha!! Well, I'm going to be away for the whole weekend anyway, so I won't have time to think about Monday too much... and it's not that far away, luckily:)

    Thanks anyway, I'll let you know if there's something I want to know:)
    I haven't seen any others, so I'm not sure... but it's the middle of the night in Japan right now so I think the best bet would be to get more leak tomorrow. We'll see:)
    Haha yeah, good! He's bound to get a Grass-type though... which one could it be? Hopefully one of the Grass/Ghost types - Gogoat is too familiar already haha!
    I'm totally behind with anything anime-related, I didn't even know there was some sort of special today haha! So sorry, not idea about where to watch it.. at least not yet.
    Bishounen. I understand that haha. I'm generally a bara fanboy. I think a part of it is the bears, another part is that I feel the guys are, guys in my eyes.
    I can understand your tastes though haha!
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