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  • I love all the megas but I don't wanna use them on my team because I think it will make the game a lot easier than it already is. I like to challenge myself.
    but of course I will give them a try :)
    Well you have a point, but I will not use any megas or Legenderies on my team that's why I'm disappointed.
    but at least this gen introduced to us Sylveon, Sprtizee, Amaura, vivillon and Goodra. I'm very happy with their design <3
    I don't think we've seen the stats or anything of Mega Gardevoir, as it was used by a trainer against the player. I might be wrong though! I think it's type is still Psychic/Fairy though.
    Haha yeah, that's pretty much it for "not spoiling yourself" :D I think there was a mention of Zapdos roaming around, not sure if it's confirmed. If true, then the other birds might be in as well.

    And I know, it does look kinda fat!!
    about the new Pokémon, the 70 new Pokémon thing is pretty much true. We have 69 new Pokémon I think and that's all for the regional dexes. No mention on National Dex ones yet though (if there are any new ones there, possibly legendaries?).

    Mega Gardevoir is the only new mega we have, finally got an image of it.
    lol the link is blocked in my country lol. What's the anime? so I can search it
    [I definitely like comedy :p Just like NarutoxSakura relationship. too bad there is no kisses lol ]
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