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  • yah they're hands but in all de p0rn I bet they are all grabby and graspy and what not...


    There is no Ghost/Rock is there :O
    I'm not quite sure that's a good thing is it? More tentacle-tassel porn :p

    I do occasionally yeah :) but it's always welcome! I love a good discussion or chat, about anything ;)

    I liked the idea of their being a shield over the front, like those things you see in posh houses :p where the shield has a gap that looks like a mouth and then the crossed swords look like teeth

    Ghost/Ice would be cool :) Frosslass needs a friend! what about Ghost/Rock :O
    [shudder shudder] There must be plenty of Honedge already! and Doublade = double the penetration =|

    That's okay :) I really appreciate nice folks dropping me a line :D

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it to evolve! I hope it has a cool design! :)
    [shudder] all those arms.... the rule 34 would be TERRIBLE!

    Why thank you ;3 you one of the rare people on here who is hilarious and genuine so thanks :D

    That is my second hope :3

    Haha, I know it's unlikely. But a Fennefag can dream :D

    My mind is all over the place. At break, lunch and after school tomorrow, I shall be running to the Maths corridor (suckers didn't put a password on the Wi-Fi XD) and checking Serebii!
    Male with a brain that can't decide if it wants to act feminine or masculine.

    Haha, that's what I am. I swear, if the starter-per-week thing happens, and Chespin's Final Evo is next week, with at least one of the other two not following the rumor... I shall be screaming Fire/Fairy. XD
    Yeah, you're right about this :D But what I meant is what designates if Pokemon (one or two staged) will have mega or normal evo? For example, I can see Dunsparce getting regular evo, but also the megaevo.
    I think introducing mega-evolution would be kind of pointless if there'd also be regular evolutions in this gen.
    Sorry ^^ I am bad with constructing very long sentences :D *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* ;) :D

    I expect this too. I want Dragon eeveelution :( I am repeating myself, but I want it so bad :D
    That last sentence doesn't have to do anything with the previous one xD True, they both were meant sarcastic in their own way...
    Yes I am adult, but unfortunately I have no money on my own, still going to school, living with my parents, so I guess I will buy X when I will be at least 25 when there probably will be Gen 8 out already :D
    I would, but you probably know how hard is to convince someone that Pokemon isn't just for kids -_- My dad litterally said that games made for Nintendo are ****... so, you got the picture. I guess I have to go for plan B now and buy Black Flag and Arkham Origins for Christmas (which both I wanted anyway). Black Flag is Pegi 18 so I think my dad can't complain about that. Instead of catching Pokemon I'll be killing pirates :D
    Oh, I never planned to get it at release :D I wanted it for Christmas so bad, but my parents think that nintendo 3DS is for toddlers and I didn't even said I want Pokemon game, so I rather gave up :D But I will have it someday, I know it
    I would use it too, deffinitely ^^ Though it seems I won't get the game in the near future, I am pretty excited for the release :3
    Hey, haven't talked for a while ^^ So, what do you think about Tyrantrum? I am asking because I think it might be one of the epicest designs I've ever seen :D
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