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  • hrmmm then either that Smeargle copied that move from someones Darkrai or it was hacked xD

    Dark Void is a damn scary move if used right lol because it has a higher accuracy than Hypnosis

    and yes I am happy with Lugia ^^ hes a beast as well :p
    Yeah ^^ I have used Darkrai's like mad :p

    They revolve around putting your opponent to sleep then just destroying them while they are asleep....

    the best moveset for a non-event Darkrai I would say would be......

    Dark Pulse
    Dark Void
    Dream Eater
    Yeah the Darkrai in my team is the Alamos event Darkrai....

    He is right now Lv. 66 (just got Dark Void) with the moves Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, Nightmare, Dark Void....I am planning on dropping Roar of Time for Dark Pulse
    lol I know how that is ^^ luckily I had 2 of them :p I have one in my team that I am training ^^ Darkrai = Beast xD
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