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  • Matstertrebor117.I wanna battle you send me a message when you want to I'm on eastern time.Kay?Heres my platinum fc:0260 4037 2569.No restrictions.
    If you are a competitive, tactical player who specilises in perfecting your pokemon then please feel free to join insane trainers. We are a strong exclusive group open to those determined to perfect their teams. Insane trainers is the first result on google after typing insane trainers.

    Please feel free to have a look
    Offers still open: if you are a trainer who wants to perfect his/her team, making them absolutely unbeatable, please feel free to join our Insane Trainers forum - first result on google players of any skill and age are allowed no matter who you are if you have a desire to push your game to the max join now
    Anyone who reads this message please know that for some reason all groups which focus on training and/or batteling seem to have been deleated as a response to this, we have relocated to a private forum: insane trainers. All those who wish to train and perfect their teams feel free to join

    This is not an advertisement. This is mearly a statement of good will intended to informm any who read it that this is what is happening and what has been done as a response
    yeah ill battle sorry i havent been on ive been busy but we can batle tomoz i have a good new team too :)

    My parents blocked Insane Trainers for bad grades, and they'll probably block me from seeing this site too.

    Let the people down on the forum know that I can only be online about every week day, from about 2:30pm to about 3:00pm. When you inform everyone about this be sure to give them the right times...because they live in different places obviously.

    For ICTN, 11:30am to 12:00pm

    For Sala, 2:30pm to 3:00pm

    For Aureole, 7:30pm to 8:00pm

    For you, 6:30pm to 7:00pm

    And I don't know about Timerabi, or Tezuka though....

    Wish me luck on my grades (because that is why this is happening).

    If I end up staying on Serebii for awhile, be sure to let them know that because of this, I go on Serebii Forums now. If I'm not here for about a day or two, then this site probably got blocked too.
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