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  • That is true...we have been here for a year, and still haven't accomplished jack-sh*t. (well, domination wise, I still like how I have friends outside of my idiot-school. In that sense, yeah we don't need to push this whole ITTP thing further...but I still want to because I said that I would do it.)

    I have the Bagons, just need to see which one I need to train. Also have to breed for Magmortars, Scizors I need...really want an Impish Scizor...I got an Impish Scyther before, but it lost Pokerus because I made a mistake, and now EV Training it will be a hassle, even though I didn't even look at it's IV's yet. Marowak shouldn't be too difficult, and Miltank may be the same way. Finally the Weavile...I think I could just trade off for that thing. I'll see what I can do...there's a lot of people that can spare a Weavile for something they actually need. Tbh, I don't think Weavile synchronizes with teams very well, it's just an okay sweeper, with very few weaknesses.

    Anyway, I'm starting to look into this.

    Also, I'm sorry. I don't think I ever said "Happy Birthday" to you last month. Either that or it wasn't important enough to remember if I did! LOL, jk

    So yeah...that's it for me. Maybe we could voice chat on the DS sometime when I'm free, because I can't chat on the internet because my dad blocked everything (except for the forum, to which he actually shows some level of respect...it's the whole friend-making thing he's into. I actually told my parents about me calling Shahzeb (that's Salamonster) on the phone. My mom thinks he's a pedophile, and my dad thinks he's okay. After all, my parents go on Facebook, and I told them that it was no different from what they do there. My parent's responded "But we actually know who we talk to".

    I said, "So do I"
    Yeah. Alright, well I'm going to be more active later.

    I'll see you off for now (err...message you off...jeez, I hate talking like this on the computer)

    Wait...it's not "talking", it's "typing".

    It's been awhile since you got a VM, and it's been awhile since anyone who's actually apart of the groups actually bothered messaging on Serebii...so, eh...hi?
    Oh, that's right, you never met them. Well they are NOT new to us at all. They joined before the forum was made.

    Remilia likes to make banners for people, so if you have a kewl idea, then you should submit it to her. Also she has her own Youtube profile with a bunch of song/remixes on it, that are also in the poll for being the Insane Trainers theme, so here's the URL to her profile: http://www.youtube.com/user/Remilia93

    Undecided is yet another dedicated member...he's kewl.
    Eve: Randomly joined, wants to make his own RPG, but realized that we were to kewl for him to multitask. He also gave me the code to make that chat box on the bottom of every page....

    Mooncow: Randomly joined, not too special

    Lopunny FTW = TheUmbreonMaster from Serebii

    Rhinosaur: Someone who joined so he could trade away his collection. You can see it on the Trading subforum, Thread: Rhinosaur's trading Thread.

    Other than that, there is qwertys, who is just a friend of mine that I forced him to join.
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